Weird ways famous Musicians released Albums

Weird ways famous Musicians released Albums

Distributing music through non electronic media and legally is hard work. So, it is no longer surprises that some musicians employed some sort of gimmicks to get their songs out there and encourage huge followership. In this article, we look at those weird ways in which some musicians have resorted to, in releasing their songs.

Buckethead Produced Thousands of Albums by Hand

In 2007, Buckethead released a 13 track album titled “In Search of The”. The crazy thing about this release is he personally assembled every copy of the set. He burned each album onto its own CD-R and personally drew the cover art for each disc. He did this 999 times for a total of 12,987 manually burned CDs and art drawing.

Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka Album required four CD players

In 1997, Flaming Lips released an 8 song album, Zaireeka, but the weird thing about this is that the songs were separated into four different discs that had to be played simultaneously for one to enjoy the album. Let say, vocals were on the first CD, farm animals and honking on the second, and bass, guitar, and  drums filled out the other two remaining CD.

It is very unlikely for you to see a household with more than one CD player. At most they may have two, so assembling four CD players just to play and listen to an album becomes a daunting task in the 1990s. The only way most fans get over this, is to organize what was termed “Zaireeka parties” to assemble the necessary CD players just to listen to the album.

Beck Releases an album that you have to perform yourself

People listen to music through different media, including through some of the long forgotten formats like vinyl and cassette but Beck took it to a whole new height.

Beck released his album “Song Reader” in the most old-fashioned format possible – sheet music. You will have a hard time finding music in an older format than this and as such, if you want to listen to it, you will have to play it yourself.

Jack White debuted a song through Helium balloon

 When Jack White decided to release one of his album’s hugely anticipated singles, people were doing everything possible to hear it, but he decided to release it by tying it to a balloon and letting it loose over the streets of Nashville, Tennessee.

The song “Freedom 21” were pressed on a special flexi- disc vinyl and he produced thousands of copies he believed would survived the air journey. But at the end, it was estimated that only about 10% survived the journey and were picked up by some devoted explorers or a thoroughly confused bystanders.