Vibra Continente – The official Copa America song 2019

In the middle of June, the official song of Copa America  2019  was officially introduced to everyone. The song of the South American No. 1 tournament, called Vibra Continente, was performed by two singers Leo Santana and Karol G.

The official song of Copa America 2019 has just been released. The song is called Vibra Continente with performances by Leo Santana and Karol G. The song was composed by Rafinha RSQ, Leo Santana, Karol G and Ovy On the Drums. Vibra Continente offers a mix of Latin dance and funk music.

The meaning of the song is about calling the unity of the continent, there is a shake to the ball. The lyrics show really bring a lot of meaning to the countries in South America. Meanwhile, the MV is the appearance of children playing soccer, along with a combination of dance of participating countries. The director of the song MV is Thiago Calvino. He conveyed the message of the enthusiasm of the fans here with the nations.


Different from the previous music video music videos often appear football stars. Vibra Continente is illustrated by children playing football, combined with many music and dance backgrounds. Maracana’s stadium is also in this MV. The place is considered the sacred temple of world football in general.

Male lead singer Leo Santana said: “I hope it is a success to open a new door for both. This is considered to be my challenging job because part of it is going around the world. It was a great responsibility and I was very pleased with the song and the MV. We hope to appear at the soccer field to perform this song.”


Colombian singer Karol G excitedly shared: “I never thought I was an important part of the Copa America tournament. This is the event that many countries attend. I am very proud to be a representative for a big tournament”.

 “I am very happy to be in Brazil, considered the paradise of football. I also experienced this feeling with Leo Santana. This is a friend I have known for a long time and also a talented artist. The important thing is that all will be able to live in the atmosphere of the festival”, she shared.