Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 3)


Wagner is a famous German composer. Compared to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Wagner belongs to the next generation. Wagner’s music is considered to have significant reforms in both profession and genre. Wagner strongly develops musical forms, especially leitmotif – the background music for each character in the play. Not only was he a great composer, but Wagner was also involved in German politics and revolution. Wagner was also Hitler’s iconic composer when Hitler himself recognized that Wagner’s music had a strong influence on him, though not really gay with his political views. Typical Wagner’s songs are Der Ring des Nibelungen, Venusberg Music, Die Walkure …



• Full name: Wilhelm Richard Wagner

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: May 22, 1813

• Year of death: February 13, 1883

• Typical music genre: Opera, musical, leitmotif, overture


Schubert is an Austrian-born romantic musician. In his life, Schubert was not really successful in order to make a living, he had to rely on the help of many family members. Schubert died early, when he was 31 years old. After Schubert’s death, he was considered one of the most prominent composers of the romantic period, so Schubert was also included in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is known for his gentle, melodious melody. Schubert’s most representative songs are Serenade, Die Forelle, Jonathan Antoine, Ave Maria, Sonata No. 18 in G major,…



• Full name: Franz Peter Schubert

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: 31/01/1797

• Year of death: November 19, 1828

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, lieder, piano, ritual music


Referring to the Top 10 greatest composers of all time, we cannot help but mention Liszt – a famous Hungarian composer and pianist. He is considered the greatest composer and pianist of all time. In the past, Liszt had studied from Czerny – a student of Beethoven, but between Liszt and his teacher, there are many disagreements in music, especially about finger technique when playing piano. Liszt proved himself right when he became a famous all over Europe artist with a glittering career. Liszt’s representative works are the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Consolation, Liebestraume, Un Sospiro …


• Full name: Franz Liszt

• Nationality: Hungarian

• Year of birth: October 20, 1811

• Year of death: July 31, 1886

• Typical music: Piano