Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 2)


Not inferior to Mozart and Beethoven, Bach is considered as “gospel writer” in music. Bach was born into a family with musical traditions and his name is closely related to the Baroque period. Although after that, Bach was once considered outdated and simply composed for musical instruments when the classical music school rose in Europe overwhelmed Baroque, but the admiration of many musical talents. later as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn showed the greatness of Bach. He is also referred to as the William Shakespeare in music, the master of the most famous composers, Beethoven also called him “the father of harmony”.


Typical pieces of Bach music include the Brandeburg Concertos, Mass in Si minor, The Well-Tempered Calvier and cantatas, many chorus, partita, passion, and organ songs.


• Full name: Johann Sebastian Bach

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: March 21, 2016

• Year of death: June 28, 1750

• Typical music: Baroque, harmony, concert, chamber


Haydn is an indispensable name in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is considered the “father of symphony”, as well as the teacher of Mozart and Beethoven. Haydn’s parents recognized their son’s talents from a young age and agreed to the request of the headmaster of the Hainburg Conservatory to let his son go there to study and live. At that time, Haydn was only 6 years old and since then Haydn has never been able to live with his parents anymore.


Haydn used to work as a freelance artist and with Haydn, Bach was a great musician who inspired him. Haydn gradually advanced in his career, sponsored by aristocrats and music director for a famous earl. Later, Haydn was honored to be seen as an official member of the wealthy and powerful Esterhaza family, and became a close friend of Princess Maria – wife of Prince Nikolaus. These have helped Haydn’s career flourish throughout Europe. Haydn’s most prominent works include Symphony No. 140, Andante, Die Schopfung, Serenade, Symphony No. 94, Concerto in C major …


• Full name: Franz Joseph Haydn

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: March 31, 1732

• Year of death: 31/05/1809

• Typical music genre: symphony, string quartet, royal music, sonata