Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 1)

Music is one of 7th-type of arts and an indispensable part in human life. Before the era of pop music, classical music had flourished and was considered a high-class art form.

This is the time when famous musical geniuses are born, let us watch the Top 10 greatest composers of all time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rated as a “musical prodigy”, the Austrian composer Mozart is the leader in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. Born into a family to a father who is a small musician, Mozart has been taught to play musical instruments since he was a child and has shown his talent ever since. According to many documents handed down, Mozart composed the first music from the age of five.


Mozart is the most famous composer in the European classical music genre. Mozart’s works are considered to be the culmination of symphonic music, chamber music, opera and piano. Mozart’s typical works such as Turkish March, Requiem, Die Zauberfloete, Don Giovani, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Piano Sonata, Symphony No. 40, Symphony No. 5, … has become immortal melodies.


• Full name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: January 27, 1756

• Year of death: December 5, 1791

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, opera, piano


Beethoven is a talented musician not inferior to Mozart. As a post-born, Beethoven soon suffered pressure from Mozart’s huge shadow. As a child, Beethoven’s father expected his son to become a musical prodigy but failed. However, the more he matured, the more Beethoven developed his musical talent. He was enlightened classical music of Mozart but also paved the way for a new school of romantic music that will later flourish in Europe.


According to Beethoven’s biographical records, he became completely deaf at the age of 49, but Beethoven still did not give up on composing music. Legend has it that he used a stick placed on the eardrum so that when playing the instrument, it created vibrations for the eardrum, through which the music could be felt.

During his career, Beethoven has devoted a huge musical treasure, including songs that have become classics. Beethoven’s typical works are Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 9, Allegretto …


• Full name: Ludwig van Beethoven

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: December 17, 1770

• Year of death: March 26, 1827

• Typical music lines: symphony, chamber, sonata, concerto