The odd music hobby of Cristiano Ronaldo

Music icon of CR7 (revealed by this player) is Ricky Martin and R.Kelly. This is the reason why the 2008 Golden Ball was satirized by The Sun that is worth eating the red card with his odd musical taste.

A few months ago, CR7 expressed their intention to establish a pop band called The Three Rs along with Ro Fat and Ro when they all hung shoes. This idea once again proves that MU’s wing striker always has a burning passion for music.

But while the career of digital shorts is still growing like a kite, and the idea of ​​being established is temporarily put into the future, CR7 is still immersed in the music world. In the locker room, every chance is the Portuguese player to grab the iPod and listen to his favorite music.


And this is something worth talking about. Although he was only 23 at the age of 23, he should have fallen in love with young music, the gentleman fell in love with Ricky Martin and R.Kelly. “I have all of Martin’s published discs. Among them I like the most is Livin ’La Vida Loca. I love going crazy with dance in that video clip”.

Martin is considered the Prince of Latin music, the author of The Cup Of Life song, in addition to lyrics, he is also a singer with excellent dancing. The fact that CR7 likes the choreography of this singer shows that his musical taste is wild.


Another idol of CR7 is American R&B star, R.Kelly. “I also admire Kelly very much. Without a doubt, my favorite song is I Believe I Can Fly. Kelly is a very great person, the lyrics in his songs are very moving for me (Not sure how CR7 can hear the lyrics read extremely fast in Kelly’s songs?).

Although the two characters that CR7 admires are very famous, their golden age is long gone. So this player’s passion for music is considered nostalgic. But maybe CR7 is not aware of this, so they often bring CDs to the locker room to terrorize their comrades.


The Sun commented: “Ferdinand seems to like dancing. But perhaps these songs can only make one person (referring to CR7) dance. Because for young people, they often like young bands and new songs”.

Anyway, The Sun does not completely deny the dedication to CR7’s enthusiastic music. “If he brought that music to the changing room, it could be considered a miracle. CR7 has a natural talent for music, has a singer who is a singer, and herself has composed songs for her late father. The thing is, maybe because he was born in a particular condition, his musical taste is also difficult to match with the majority”.