The famous singer-player love in the world

The famous beautiful female singers and the love with the players of professional football leagues have many admirers.


Barcelona’s midfielder Gerard Piqué has been dating since 2011 and has a lovely first-born boy in 2012.


Although more than 10 years old than a boyfriend, the age barrier never made it difficult for the two. Gerard Piqué shared, he was hit by lightning love with Shakira right from the first meeting when he collaborated on her Waka Waka MV. Although not married, many fans believe that, until now, Shakira and Gerard Piqué are indivisible couples and marriage with them is only a procedure.

Victoria Beckham

The marriage of 15 years of the couple David Beckham – Victoria Beckham is enough for many people to admire.

Spice Girls, a former popular band member, lives happily with a handsome husband and 4 children both boys and girls. After leaving the band, Victoria moved to fashion design work and her new brand initially had certain successes.


The love between David Beckham – Victoria Beckham is also part of pushing the reputation of the former singer spreading quickly around the world. However, keeping the most glamorous guy on the planet is not easy. Several times Becks sunstroke in front of the temptation of other pink shadows, but thanks to Vic’s silent sacrifice, the marriage of two people has been sustained to the present.

Cheryl Cole

It is considered that the broken marriage between Chelsea defender Ashley Cole and British singer Cheryl Cole is the most regrettable thing in this player’s life. Cheryl Cole is not only known as a singer but also one of the WAGs (a girlfriend of the player) with the fieriest body in the land of fog. The couple married in 2006 and broke up in 2010 after Cheryl Cole was betrayed by her husband.


It was painful with the broken marriage, it took two years after parting ways with Ashley Cole, Cheryl could balance his life. Currently, her career is growing in the UK and the United States. Looking ahead, Cheryl will also return as a judge of the US X-Factor. Currently, Cheryl Cole is engaged to French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Mandy Capristo

The young singer born in 1990 Mandy Capristo is quite famous in her native Germany as a singer and model. In 2013, Mandy Capristo was rumored to be dating the famous midfielder Ozil when the two were seen walking together in Spain – where Ozil was playing under Real Madrid.


After a little while, the couple made the public with their love photos on Twitter. The singer shared with the emotional commentary: “And like that, I came to my life”.

Currently, although Ozil has moved to play for Arsenal, the two still regularly date. Mandy Capristo always encourages her boyfriend when Ozil has an injury and difficulties in competition.