Unique Music Trends of 2018

With the year almost half spent, the unique music trends have become clear. The following are this year’s unique music trends.

Live Music is Getting Bigger

With the lack of adequate royalties from streaming market, music acts have increased their live performances schedules in recent years, and 2018 is no exception. Many artists have lined up sellout summer tour. Jay Z and Beyonce have been scheduled for their second joint tour and Ed Sheeran’s tour have broken many records.

It is not just the A – list artists that are embarking on tours. Many less known artists are also selling out and music fans are increasingly favoring spending more time in musical concert shows than ever before. Last year, it was reported that there was about 12% rise in the number of music fans who attended live concert and music festival in the UK.

Lesser Known Artists are breaking through

Every year, some group of lesser known artists rise to the limelight. Example of such rise in 2017, was Cardi B. This year, the trend is continuing. The cost of booking these A- list musicians have become too expensive that most music promoters are looking the direction of some lesser known artists to fill their schedules. This have led to the lesser known artists having a platform to promote their songs and their brand of music and connect with fans all over the world, and gradually endearing themselves to global music fans.

Musicians will continue to drop surprise releases

Following Beyonce surprise release of her self-titled album in 2013, surprise releases have become a normal norm in the music industry. Previously, before a new album is released, there are usually months of promotions with promo tours, advertising campaigns and massive airplays and so on. Now, with the advancement in technology and the internet, artists do not have to do more prior to releasing a new song.

It have been suggested by some that this trend is going down but 2018 ready have witnessed a few of it and it is bracing for more. The Weekend have dropped an EP and it has been rumored that Beyonce is scheduled to release a new record later this year.

Small Promoters and venues are embracing their independence

Smaller promoters and venues are embracing their uniqueness and are doing everything they can to compete favorable with the big names. Currently, big promoters are buying over smaller ones and the only way the smaller promoters and venues could survive is to adopt and change the way they do things. One way the smaller promoters are doing this is, through their knowledge of the local community and by joining forces with independent venues in other places to help put together a tour schedules. This only mean one thing, more artists will be touring small venues, thereby giving fans the opportunity to see them in concert.