Taylor Swift was named Artist of the decade

According to The Hollywood Reporter, star Taylor Swift will be honored as the Artist of the decade at the American Music Awards (AMAs) for her relentless dedication in the flag industry.

Once awarded every ten years, the Artist of the decade award at AMAs is a tribute to the dedicated vocalists who have been continuously in the field of music for ten years.

This year, Taylor Swift is honored to be awarded this noble title by the organizers of the American Music Awards (as important as other Grammy or Billboard music awards). The female singer born in 1989 was awarded causing fans to burst.


American Music Awards 2019 is a race of bright names such as Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Elton John. Taylor Swift this year received a total of 5 nominations in different categories, including Art nominations. doctor of the year. Last year, 29-year-old long legs also win the artist of the year, making fans excited.

In the history of this prestigious award, the vocalist You need to calm down marked with 24 awards (not counting this year). In her acting career, she has won 10 Grammy Awards, 23 Billboard Awards. Taylor Swift is the vocalist who won the most AMAs in history (comparable to the late vocalist Michael Jackson) compared to other female singers. At the same time, the female artist has won the Artist of the Year 4 times at the AMAs. With the dedication recognized through such a series of awards, the AMAs Council decided to sing the name of Red voice at the 47th awards ceremony. More specifically, the musical actress Cats will perform on the stage of the awards ceremony for an important event in her singing career.


Mark Bacco, a member of the organizers of the awards ceremony, commented on the young vocalist: “The impact of Taylor Swift on the music scene over the last decade is indisputable. We are very moved to honor. her and could not wait to see the spectacular performance of the beautiful people on the stage”.

Entering the music industry since 2004, Love now owns a strong fan base around the globe. She sold more than 150 million singles, is the best money-making star in 2019 with assets of over $ 360 million, known as one of the most influential female artists of all time. As for the American Music Awards, established by Dick Clark in 1973, each year selects worthy names in American music industry to award prestigious awards.