Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fight on the charts

With Justin Bieber’s new song “Yummy” debuting for the first week, it was not very satisfactory at 113. He made many moves to save, but seemed hopeless.

After many promises to return to music from the previous year, but it was not until early 2020 that Justin Bieber made that promise with the re-released song “Yummy”. The song is scheduled to premiere at the time of the old love Selena Gomez released a new album, like this is a hot challenge plan.

However, it seems that the response from the audience is quite negative with Justin Bieber and “Yummy”. Contrary to old love Selena Gomez is flooded with public compliments with the new album.

Perhaps this unworthy rivalry begins with Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me” – a song about the pain of an old love that has always been old, climbing to the #1 throne of the chart. Billboard Hot 100. That makes Justin Bieber so hostile. However, unfortunately, “Yummy” flop painfully when stopping at first place in the … 113, and probably also the first time Justin Bieber’s solo single failed to reach the top 100.

Not only embarrassed with life so much, Justin continues to lower himself with begging fans to help him on social networking applications. Specifically, he posted a series of photos showing fans how to help “Yummy” achieve #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is worth noting that in the streaming section, Justin did not forget to remind fans outside the US to remember fake IP to get points?

This is clearly a fraud that before, his manager Scooter Braun was very condemning (in the case of Kris Wu). Perhaps soon realizing he was blackening himself, Justin quickly deleted the post. However, it is still enough to cause great controversy in the music listening community.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez released her album “Rare”, brimming with praise from the public and critics. With 4/5 stars of Rolling Stone, 78 points of green on Metacritic, Selena Gomez had an impossible re-release and conquered the listener more. It seems, this old lover’s battle, we clearly see who the real winner is.

Billboard published the top 5 Social 50 charts for the 2010s

Billboard has officially announced the top 5 artists of the Social 50 rankings of the decade 2010.

After announcing the last 40 positions in the top 50 artists on the “Decade-End Charts Social 50” list, Billboard has officially completed the remaining 10 positions. Accordingly, the performance will be based on the coverage of the artists on social networking sites, the time is calculated from December 11, 2010 to the end of September 28, 2019.

Most notably, there are names that appear in the top 5 because many people still do not know who will rule this gold table?

Justin Bieber

Finally, Billboard also officially named the remaining positions in the Social 50 ranking of the decade 2010. Accordingly, the throne was officially owned by Justin Bieber when he owned 163 weeks to reach the No. 1 position on the table. This ranking over the past decade. In addition, the vocalist “Sorry” also excelled in the persistent BXH Social 50 until 429 weeks.


Although there are more weeks appearing in this arena than Justin Bieber (449 weeks), Rihanna has only 21 weeks to climb to No.1 so when converting the ranking score, the vocalist “Stay” only holds the runner-up tittle. To say it again, it was thanks to the persistent longevity on the Social 50 Ranking that helped Rihanna excel in Second.

Ariana Grande

Similar to Rihanna, Ariana Grande also thanks the persistent grip with 353 weeks on the chart and 18 weeks dominating the No.1 position since 2014, the sub diva has excelled landed in the 3rd In addition, an important factor determining Ariana Grande’s ranking is the number of weeks it reaches rank 2. Accordingly, the “7 rings” vocalist has 208 weeks and is second only to Justin Bieber (326 weeks).



BTS officially stopped at No. 4. Although there are weeks rule the title of Social 50 Champion up to 152 weeks, only lost to Justin Bieber but due to the number of weeks present on The rankings were 161 weeks so BTS had to rank at 4 in the list of Top 50 Social of the decade. If you didn’t know, in nine weeks not in the 1st place, BTS was ranked 2nd. Certainly, when stepping In the new decade, Social 50 promises to be a fierce arena because BTS’s dominance is becoming stronger on social media platforms.

Taylor Swift

Closer to the top 5 is Taylor Swift, she ranked at No. 5 thanks to 28 weeks of ruling the title of Champion. This is also the third highest number, just behind Justin Bieber and BTS. In addition, the vocalist “Shake It Off” has also stayed at 384 weeks on the Social 50 charts for the past decade.

For those who don’t know, Billboard Social 50 is a chart that reflects popularity, ranking the leading artist in terms of the amount of interaction based on social networking platforms. The results of each week will be officially published by Billboard based on data from online music analysis firm Next Big Sound. Accordingly, the ranking will depend on the number of followers, page views and interaction that the public has for artists on the above social networks.

Justin Bieber announced a break from music

Justin Bieber announced to leave the music indefinitely to focus on health and family.

Justin Bieber’s fans are extremely bewildered because a few hours ago, Justin posted a long letter sharing his concerns about his music career. At the same time, there is a content that makes the Beliebers completely collapse.


This is the post of Justin Bieber:

“I read a lot of messages asking me to release a new album. I had tours during my childhood and when I was in my 20s. I realized that I wasn’t really happy with this last tour, I thought myself and the fans.The grave is not worth receiving this emotion. While you spend some money to look forward to a full and energetic show. But I did not bring this and almost to the end of the tour I felt that I could not continue to show.

I am still seeing life and making mistakes like ordinary people. At this time, I am focusing on thoroughly resolving personal problems, so that I can maintain my married life and become the father I always wanted. Music is an important part, but for me now family and health are still above all. I will soon return to a perfect album …. The highest point is when I still live with music even though I do music or give up this job. I will continue to go along with the strong return faith.”


After reading the letter of the male singer, many fans worried about his current situation. Many hypotheses suggest that the reason why Justin paused for music came from Justin’s fiancee – Hailey Baldwin was pregnant so he wanted to focus all his time on his partner.

The owner who hit “Sorry” is always the focus of the media, because he often suffers from psychological instability and needs to be treated for a long time. In particular, while in the “salty period”, the pressure between the family and the urge from the audience makes Justin more tired. Indeed, even from the purpose of the Purpose World Tour, audiences are aware of this because the attitude of the work is not really serious and the cancellation of the show also shows that the singer is really in the process of collapsing spiritually.


After announcing the public about a concussion decision, Justin posted a funny photo a few hours later, while Hailey was positively posing, he inserted a toe. As expected, the owner who hit “Boyfriend” is still not as shabby as you think.

Anyway, Justin’s decision is still supported by a majority of fans because he has proven to be more mature, caring about his health and loved ones. Perhaps, it is not important to release a new album, but it is enough for Justin to be happy next to Hailey to make the fans happy and happy for the male singer.

Music interests of the world’s top 5 soccer stars

The talents of the world’s top stars like Marco Reus, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo,… all fans have been admired, but also about their personal interests outside the yard perhaps it’s a secret.

Let’s learn about the music preferences of the top 5 world football stars today. A really interesting thing!

1. Marco Reus

The German star is one of the hottest football players in the world today, both in terms of talent and good looks. There are many big clubs in Europe that are looking for and want the signature of this 25-year-old player.

Reus’s talent is no doubt, but his musical interests are probably not known to many fans. The German midfielder is a fan of R&B and Hip-hop, in which his favorite artist is Justin Bieber, simply the same hobby as his close friend Mario Gotze.

2. David de Gea

The 24-year-old Spanish goalkeeper is making great strides in his career. De Gea’s recent form is excellent and he is expected to be the successor to the position of Iker Casillas at the national team.

In a recent interview, the Manchester United goalkeeper revealed that he was a fan of heavy music as well as Rock and his favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

3. Victor Valdes

Another Spanish goalkeeper is a Rock fan. There are reports that Valdes often played Cold play on the club bus while playing for the Catalan giant. The unemployed capitalist loves two bands of heavy music, AC/D and Guns N’Roses. A Spanish Rocker named Joaquin once wrote a private song about the 32-year-old goalkeeper.

4. Wayne Rooney

If you are a big fan of Wayne Rooney, you will definitely notice the tattoo with the words on his right arm: “Just Enough Education to Perform”, which represents Rooney’s great admiration for you. Welsh Rock music Stereophonics.

In addition, the captain of Manchester United and England is very fond of Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens and many other artists.

5. Mario Gotze

The 22-year-old is currently one of the world’s most promising young talents. He is the author of the only goal against Argentina to bring the World Cup to Germany.

Like his close friend Marco Reus, Gotze is a big fan of Canadian singer Justin Bieber. According to teammates, the Bayern Munich midfielder often listened to Bieber’s music before each match. In addition, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and the Black Eyed Peas are also the artists he loves.