The New MV Of Huong Giang Creates A Network Storm

After 6 years of singing, this is the first time that Miss Huong Giang – has a real hit. The song “Anh dang o dau day anh” (tentatively translated as Where are you?) is impressing deeply on the charts Zingchart.

The MV “Anh dang o dau day anh” of Miss Huong Giang, one of the symbols of the LGBT community in Vietnam, was released on 10/11 evening caused the storm of network community. With the ballad type and the sad lyrics and easy to waggle people’s heart along with the great content about the love affair, this song has created waves in million hearts of audience. This is the first time our queen’s MV has consecutively achieved so many success on the rankings only in a short time.

Specifically, on the Zingchart real-time (hourly rankings), new track titled “Anh dang o dau day anh” has reached the First rate after overcoming “Vo tinh” of Xesi and Hoaprox. New product of Huong Giang has reached to the throne of Zingchart real-time just after a release date on Zing MP3. Here is the special event of Huong Giang’s music career. Her previous songs as “Mua de yeu thuong” or “Em khong hoi tiec” only reached modest rank, located in the bottom a half of the Top 40 Zingchart week.

On her profile, Huong Giang shared the joy and happiness when standing for Zingchart real-time. “During the six years singing journey, I don’t know what hit is or what rankings is, even once”, the beautiful transgender wrote.

“Anh dang o dau day anh” is really the song that marked the return of Huong Giang after one year absence on the racetrack of Vpop. In particular, this is also the first product after a beautiful 27 years old singer crowned the Miss International Queen 2018.

Along with the catchy tune, easy to penetrate with devastating words full fill with narrative is generally familiar formula helps ballads became hits of Vpop in recent times. “Anh dang o dau day anh” is combination of the these factors, helping to attract the audience.

Besides that, the MV with the story going by the tube of a Thai famous film “The fault, dear friend” aslo enticeed the interest of the public so much. Huong Giang shares that she will release part 2 in order to resolve some problems remaining in the last of MV.

“Anh dang o dau day anh” is a product of young musician Andiez Nam Truong. This is the first time Huong Giang cooperate with him and immediately this product was rated as most successful songs in the singing career of Huong Giang.