Katy Perry fell from suffocation gas

American Idol studio has a gas leak. In it, Katy Perry suddenly collapsed due to unbearable.

On February 21, People posted an exclusive clip revealing an unprecedented incident in the history of American Idol.

Specifically, while recording an audition round in Sunriver, Oregon (USA) recently, Katy Perry suddenly asked the remaining two judges: “Do you two smell the gas smell? It’s quite strong.” Luke Bryan sat next to him and replied: “It is like the smell of propane”.

Later, girlfriend Orlando Bloom said she had a little headache and hurriedly left the set. Next everyone rushed out into the yard. The program crew and the contestants also evacuated from the waiting room when the alarm rang. Male singer Lionel Richie exclaimed: “There is a smell of leaking gas”.

Katy Perry fell to the ground as soon as she evacuated from the studio.

When the fire brigade arrives, Katy Perry, too, faints and collapses to the ground. According to Metro, this is only part of the teaser program and it is not possible to determine if the faint singer is real or not.

Meanwhile, Roar’s voice declined to comment on the incident. American Idol season 18 started filming early, with the first audition round aired on February 16 on ABC. Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie continue to act as judges on the show.

The famous American idol has many tricks in the past few years – the period when the reality show is gradually regressing, no longer the spiritual food that the audience is waiting for.

Katy Perry nga vi bi ngat khi gas hinh anh 2 hihihihi.jpg

In the last season, Katy Perry was constantly criticized for the excessive jokes on television. In 2018, the singer publicly flirted with a contestant, even though she knew he had a lover. Katy Perry also locked a 19-year-old contestant Benjamin Glaze when he confessed he had never kissed anyone.

On Twitter, many people believe that Katy Perry’s actions are crazy and unfortunate. Meanwhile, Radar Online also claimed that viewers were fed up and had to turn off the television when they saw Katy Perry.