Justin Bieber announced a break from music

Justin Bieber announced to leave the music indefinitely to focus on health and family.

Justin Bieber’s fans are extremely bewildered because a few hours ago, Justin posted a long letter sharing his concerns about his music career. At the same time, there is a content that makes the Beliebers completely collapse.


This is the post of Justin Bieber:

“I read a lot of messages asking me to release a new album. I had tours during my childhood and when I was in my 20s. I realized that I wasn’t really happy with this last tour, I thought myself and the fans.The grave is not worth receiving this emotion. While you spend some money to look forward to a full and energetic show. But I did not bring this and almost to the end of the tour I felt that I could not continue to show.

I am still seeing life and making mistakes like ordinary people. At this time, I am focusing on thoroughly resolving personal problems, so that I can maintain my married life and become the father I always wanted. Music is an important part, but for me now family and health are still above all. I will soon return to a perfect album …. The highest point is when I still live with music even though I do music or give up this job. I will continue to go along with the strong return faith.”


After reading the letter of the male singer, many fans worried about his current situation. Many hypotheses suggest that the reason why Justin paused for music came from Justin’s fiancee – Hailey Baldwin was pregnant so he wanted to focus all his time on his partner.

The owner who hit “Sorry” is always the focus of the media, because he often suffers from psychological instability and needs to be treated for a long time. In particular, while in the “salty period”, the pressure between the family and the urge from the audience makes Justin more tired. Indeed, even from the purpose of the Purpose World Tour, audiences are aware of this because the attitude of the work is not really serious and the cancellation of the show also shows that the singer is really in the process of collapsing spiritually.


After announcing the public about a concussion decision, Justin posted a funny photo a few hours later, while Hailey was positively posing, he inserted a toe. As expected, the owner who hit “Boyfriend” is still not as shabby as you think.

Anyway, Justin’s decision is still supported by a majority of fans because he has proven to be more mature, caring about his health and loved ones. Perhaps, it is not important to release a new album, but it is enough for Justin to be happy next to Hailey to make the fans happy and happy for the male singer.