How does SeungRi’s scandal affect other YG artists?

After a long time, SeungRi’s rumors have brought negative effects to other YG artists’ images in public.

Over the past time, consecutive accusations on prostitution, prostitution brokerage, embezzlement and violations of food safety law along with the participation in the sex group photo chat group have made the name SeungRi’s age has become a thorn in the public eye. Even without any conclusions, so far, not only Seung Ri himself but YG artists have been greatly influenced by their own schedules. In addition, public attacks and insults make girls and boys in their twenties experience a lot of pressure.

Black Pink

As the trump card of YG Ent, being a rare girl group 3 can compete fairly with Twice on all fronts. The expectation for this comeback of 4 girls is very much and YG has also shown their investment in this product this time. However, with the rumors from SeungRi that lasted for a long time, the pressure from the public made YG unable to give Black Pink a comeback earlier, affecting the schedule and promotion time of the group.


Specifically, “Kill this Love” was officially released by Black Pink on April 4, 2019, while the group’s performance schedule at Coachella began on April 12. Therefore, all 4 girls only have 8 days to promote their products in Korea before going to the US, a little time has passed, causing much impact on the health of the group when having to stretch themselves for 8 days to promote your products in the most effective way to the public.


Compared to Black Pink, SeungRi’s scandal greatly affected WINNER’s image building process rather than the group’s product. Previously, YG released the plan that the company gave four guys this year with much anticipation, from the 3rd full album to the solo products of the members. So, as soon as YG announced the comeback tracklist this time, many fans were angry that this was just a mini album, partly due to YG’s rush to put their groups back after SeungRi’s scandal.

Also, for the Inner Circle, 2019 is a very important year for WINNER because the group will have to try to build a good position in the entertainment industry before the members take turns taking part in military service. And SeungRi’s scandal right now makes the 4 boys’ comeback this year probably lower.


During the interview with the media, WINNER also had a share regarding the return when the senior scandal was still a hot topic in the entertainment industry: “It’s a very complicated and chaotic issue, but because we are working on our album so it doesn’t affect the group much. Instead of receiving negative emotions, we focus on producing music so fans can listen to new songs soon”, Seungyoon said.

Luckily for 4 guys when their music is still well received by the public, it is evident that the group’s new song “Ah Yeah” is still doing well on music charts.