How did Taylor Swift film a new MV during the Covid-19 pandemic?

To perform “Cardigan”, Taylor Swift must do hair, makeup and video under the supervision of a medical team.

On Instagram, Taylor Swift suddenly announced that it will release a new album on July 24. The singer wrote: “Most of my plans for this summer didn’t happen, but there was one thing I didn’t plan, but it happened. It was the 8th studio album, Folklore. Tonight at midnight, I will release my whole new song”.

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Cardigan is the single that paved the way for the album, and the music video made by the singer during the Covid-19 epidemic is still raging in the US. According to revelations from Taylor Swift, she had a photo shoot to promote the new album, but had to ensure her own safety as well as the crew.

The singer, who was born in 1988, is also the composer and director for MV Cardigan . “I would like to send a million thanks to each crew member, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, producer Jil Hardin, production director Rebecca Skinner, film production Chancler Haynes, David Lebensfeld, Grant Miller and Ethan Tobman”.

During the production process, she made strict requirements. Accordingly, every member was forced to wear a mask and keep a distance during the recording.

“The whole shooting session and the filming were under the supervision of a medical inspector. I also have to do my own hair, makeup and costume choice, ”Taylor Swift shared on her personal page.

The singer confided that she poured all her ideas, dreams, fears and music into the album Folklore. The entire song was recorded during Swift’s isolation with composer Aaron Dessner (co-composed with Swift 11/16 songs), band Bon Iver, William Bowery and singer Jack Antonoff.

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“Last year, I thought I would release this album at the perfect time, but the experience of life reminded me that nothing was guaranteed. From the bottom of my heart, I realized if I did something I loved, just introduce it to the world. Love you so much”, she said.

According to share, because this is the 8th album, she made 8 special CD versions and 8 different versions of plastic discs. Each version has a different image for fans to collect.