Music interests of the world’s top 5 soccer stars

The talents of the world’s top stars like Marco Reus, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo,… all fans have been admired, but also about their personal interests outside the yard perhaps it’s a secret.

Let’s learn about the music preferences of the top 5 world football stars today. A really interesting thing!

1. Marco Reus

The German star is one of the hottest football players in the world today, both in terms of talent and good looks. There are many big clubs in Europe that are looking for and want the signature of this 25-year-old player.

Reus’s talent is no doubt, but his musical interests are probably not known to many fans. The German midfielder is a fan of R&B and Hip-hop, in which his favorite artist is Justin Bieber, simply the same hobby as his close friend Mario Gotze.

2. David de Gea

The 24-year-old Spanish goalkeeper is making great strides in his career. De Gea’s recent form is excellent and he is expected to be the successor to the position of Iker Casillas at the national team.

In a recent interview, the Manchester United goalkeeper revealed that he was a fan of heavy music as well as Rock and his favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

3. Victor Valdes

Another Spanish goalkeeper is a Rock fan. There are reports that Valdes often played Cold play on the club bus while playing for the Catalan giant. The unemployed capitalist loves two bands of heavy music, AC/D and Guns N’Roses. A Spanish Rocker named Joaquin once wrote a private song about the 32-year-old goalkeeper.

4. Wayne Rooney

If you are a big fan of Wayne Rooney, you will definitely notice the tattoo with the words on his right arm: “Just Enough Education to Perform”, which represents Rooney’s great admiration for you. Welsh Rock music Stereophonics.

In addition, the captain of Manchester United and England is very fond of Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens and many other artists.

5. Mario Gotze

The 22-year-old is currently one of the world’s most promising young talents. He is the author of the only goal against Argentina to bring the World Cup to Germany.

Like his close friend Marco Reus, Gotze is a big fan of Canadian singer Justin Bieber. According to teammates, the Bayern Munich midfielder often listened to Bieber’s music before each match. In addition, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and the Black Eyed Peas are also the artists he loves.

Lady Gaga Burst Into Tears When She Was Named By Taylor Swift At The Golden Globe Awards

Lady Gaga excelled in her second Golden Globe in her career with the song “Shallow” – the soundtrack of “A Star Is Born”. Owning so many hits is so far but Lady Gaga now has the first MV with billion view in her career.

On the morning of January 7, the 76th Golden Globe award ceremony was officially held. As expected of many viewers, the song “Shallow” – Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born” movie soundtracks won the “Best soundtrack song” category. This is also the second time Lady Gaga received the Golden Globe Award in her artistic career.

Lady Gaga khóc khi được xướng tên cho hạng mục Ca khúc nhạc phim hay nhất.

She scribbled this song with three other musicians and showed off her voice in the film. Receiving a golden statue from singer Taylor Swift and actress Idris Elba, the voice of Born This Way choked up: “As a woman working in the music world, I just said that, it was really hard to be recorded as a musician “. She also did not forget to say thank you and send her love to Bradley Cooper – the main male director and star, and the Shallow duet with her.

Lady Gaga xúc động chia sẻ khi nhận tượng Quả Cầu Vàng.

Shortly after Taylor Swift and actor Idris Elba named Lady Gaga as the owner of the Golden Globe award, the singer was happily crying under the audience seats. Lady Gaga joined co-star Mark Ronson and Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt on stage to receive the prestigious gold cup.

“Shallow” is the title song of the movie “A Star Is Born” by Lady Gaga as the female lead. After 3 months of release,the “Shallow” music video has surpassed the 180 million views on Youtube channel, while keeping high rankings on international music charts.Besides, the soundtrack album “A Star Is Born” also earned Lady Gaga the No.1 position in the Billboard 200 chart.

Lady Gaga bật khóc nức nở khi được Taylor Swift xướng tên tại lễ trao giải Quả Cầu Vàng - Ảnh 3.

This is the second time in her career, Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe. In 2016, she was honored with the title of Best Actress in the short drama category because of her role in American Horror Story: Hotel. At the Golden Globe 2019, “mother monster” also received a nomination for Best Actress in a psychological film for the female lead Ally – the girl pursuing the dream of singer in the morning. Finally, she slipped the award into the hands of veteran star Glenn Close (The Wife).

Lady Gaga bật khóc nức nở khi được Taylor Swift xướng tên tại lễ trao giải Quả Cầu Vàng - Ảnh 2.

After the Golden Globe awards ceremony, Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” song will continue to compete in the “Best soundtrack song” category in two other prestigious awards: Oscar and Grammy.

Taylor Swift Has Up To Three Albums Each Polar “Crisis” Record At The Billboard 200

In the music chart 2018 of Billboard, Drake and Taylor Swift hold the throne, BTS is the only representative of Kpop.

Recently, Billboard has announced the serpent Lord Taylor Swift is the first artist in history to own the 3 albums time chart on the Billboard 200 for at least 4 years. The area of crisis made for her fans just mind-boggling because surprisingly, just feel proud for the non-stop efforts were worthwhile.

Bạn sẽ bất ngờ khi biết Taylor Swift có tới 3 album từng lập kỉ lục cực khủng tại Billboard 200 - Ảnh 1.

With 275 downloads chart on the Billboard 200, the album of “Taylor Swift” is a testament to the heat of the products she created music that never showed signs of decline over time. The album “Taylor Swift” is the first album to be launched in 2006, marked the opening step on the career path of Taylor Swift was 16 years old. By the talent and enthusiasm of youth,this album was enthusiastically received by the public through the songs that make up names such as “Teardrops On My Guitar”, “Tim McGraw”, “Our Song”,…

Bạn sẽ bất ngờ khi biết Taylor Swift có tới 3 album từng lập kỉ lục cực khủng tại Billboard 200 - Ảnh 2.

The second album, “Fearless”,” Taylor Swift’s exceptional achievement in “crisis”. “Shut it” on the Billboard 200 during the 255 downloads, this album has exceptional reap no less about professional accomplishments as well as trade.

Released in 2008, the album “Fearless” is successful thanks to the hit family crowd as “Love Story”, “You Belong With Me”, “Fearless”,… To this day, the sweet songs of melodies still resound, demonstrated for the love of the fans with the quality products of Taylor Swift.

Bạn sẽ bất ngờ khi biết Taylor Swift có tới 3 album từng lập kỉ lục cực khủng tại Billboard 200 - Ảnh 3.

Another name also appeared in this achievement of Taylor Swift is the fifth studio album entitled “1989” launched in 2014.Excellent chart on the Billboard 200 in the week of the 208, “1989” can be considered as the album marked transition in the most successful music of Taylor Swift.

Lộ diện Top 5 nữ nghệ sĩ thành công nhất thập kỷ này theo Billboard - Ảnh 1.

This first album of Taylor Swift is a bold decision when she decided to leave the iconic “Golden-haired Princess” covenant to pursue a different image strong and more power. With the hit “crisis” as “Shake It Off”, “Styles”, “Bad Blood”…, the album “1989” has left the impression is hard to fade to the background music of the time.

The Greatest Showman Upturns The Top Spot With Biggest Sales Week Yet

The new hit of Ariana Grande “Thank u, Next” continues keeping its lead at the top place to a sixth week as the battle for this year’s coveted Christmas Number 1 kicks off.

Although the closest contender of Ariana Grande –  Ava Max remains at Number 2 with “Sweet But Psycho”, she has managed to reduce the space between the top two singles to less than 9,000 combined sales.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Greatest Showman reclaims the top spot with biggest sales week yet

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson have surged up the Top 10 and deprecated the most downloaded track of the week, leaping six point to Number 4 with “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”. Mariah Carey is very close at Number 5 with “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

The Number 7 belongs to “Wham’s Last Christmas” – up seven from last week, while Post Malone rebounds back into the Top 10 with Sun flowerft. Swae Lee from Spiderman: Into The Spider verse at Number 9. The Pogues &Kirsty MacColl’s yule tide classic Fairytale of New York flies eight places to Number 10.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Further down of the chart, Band Aid’s Do They Know Its Christmas zooms 11 placings to 15, Michael Buble’s rendition of It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas rockets 14 spots to 16, and Ellie Goulding and Diplo are up four with Close To Me ft. Swae Lee at 17.

Shaking Steven’s Merry Christmas Everyone shimmies 15 positions to 21, Elton John steps into the Top 40 with “Step Into Christmas” at 22, George Ezra lifts eight points to 25 with “Hold My Girl”, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee climbs 13 steps to 26, and Leona Lewis’ festive single “One More Sleep” jumps 14 ranks to 28.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Band Aid’s Do They Know Its Christmas

There are lots of Christmas songs feature in this week’s Top 40. Up 5 places, Ariana Grande’s second entry on the chart comes in the form of “Santa Tell Me” at Number 30. Come back with “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” which steps 12 ranks to the 33 place, Wizzard get his name into Top 40. And Chris Rea is no exception, the singer came back to the top 40 with “Driving Home For Christmas” at Number 36.

And last but not least, XXXTentacion is the highest new entry at Number 37 in this week with Whoa (Mind In Awe) from his posthumous album, Skins.

Really Beautiful But These Kpop MV Have Some Silly Mistakes

A few small errors can be ignored, while others cause fan fret about the carefulness and conscientiousness of elaborate parts or design.

Fan are not only who wholeheartedly supported, plowing on view all day and night for their idol products but also as the “observant saints”. So that along with the mind-blowing the trance footages of idol, fan also observant lots of funny mistakes, sometimes silly and confusing. Many fans even query that: “Nobody in elaborate parts discovered this before releasing the MV?”.

1. Excessively effect for JungKook in “DNA”

You are must essential to realize the strange thing in this scene of “Golden youngest” of the BTS. While the psyche-spirit emotion of V and JungKook have nothing to dispute, the effects section is doing seems somewhat careless makes the hair part in heads down and earrings of Jungkook becomes surreal.

2. “Sneaky” action of Nayeon (TWICE) in “Like OOH-AHH”

ONCE quickly discovered this small mistake in their debut song TWICE. When Sana is singing and moving to other scenes pass, you can see the image of the Nayeon are acting fast to prepare for her scenes.

3. New word “Gilrs’ Generation” with SNSD in logo “Lion Heart”

In the first part of “Lion heart”, the image which is taken idea from the “Red Lion” by MGM as a cute and appropriate storage until the fans recognize the Group’s name was misspelled. Accordingly, the English name of SNSD is “Girls’ Generation” has been written wrong to “Gilrs’ Generation” in seconds 18 of the MV. It seems the design department was typing too fast and forget to check it out

Đẹp không tưởng nhưng những MV Kpop này lại mắc lỗi ngớ ngẩn đến khó hiểu - Ảnh 3.

4. Filming error in “Monster” of EXO

While the boys are focusing to bring the most voyeuristic dance steps for viewers, camera suddenly zoom away a bit, revealing a black part outside the filming area.

5. Revealing scenes in “DDU DDU-DU-DU” of BlackPink

Perhaps when the cameraman have been working so hard, they did not realize this was a small error when handling the machine. Similar to EXO, the camera has been zoomed too much so that it revealed one small part in the scenes of Jisoo impressive footage.

Đẹp không tưởng nhưng những MV Kpop này lại mắc lỗi ngớ ngẩn đến khó hiểu - Ảnh 6.

Who Are 4 Ex-Boyfriends Are Reminded By Ariana Grande In “Thank U, Next”?

On the morning of December 1st, Ariana Grande launched MV named “Thank U, Next”. Within 35 minutes, the new MV reached 1 million views. After nearly 12 hours, “Thank U, Next” surpassed 32 million views.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 2

The Guardian reviews “Thank U, Next” is one of the best songs of the year 2018. In this hit, the most amazing point is that Grande clearly prompted 4 former lovers. They are Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson and even rapper Mac Miller.

Rapper Big Sean

After cooperating together in a music product, Grande and Big Sean started dating in October 2014. The couple didn’t not hesitate to share moments of happiness in social networks and hand in hand to appear at the event. What a pity when after only 8 months of dating, Grande and Big Sean broke up.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 4

Grande mentioned Sean right in the opening sentence of “Thank U, Next”: “Thought I’d end up with Sean. But he wasn’t a match”. By this time, the true reason causes the love of Sean and Grande shattered remains the question mark.

Dancer Ricky Alvarez

After breaking up with Big Sean, the heart of the Grande was given to dancer Ricky Alvarez when he performed in Honeymoon Tour. The relationship of them was hidden pretty tight, then Grande revealed with Billboard magazine: “We are happy together. I am a strong girl, live healthy and take care of people. That’s all”.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 5

After one year been together, the love between Grand and Alvarez had stopped. The 25 years old female singer prompted her ex-boyfriend in “Thank U, Next”: “Wrote some songs about Ricky. Now I listen and laugh”. Both of them confirmed that despite of breaking up, they are still best friend of each other.

Rapper Mac Miller

Grande was fell in love with rapper Mac Miller from 2013 when both of them cooperated in the song “The Way”. It was not until the year 2016, they publicly dating. Grande and Miller made a lot of fans and co-workers jealous when continuously expressed the love on social networks and regularly appeared together at events. But beginning in 2018, the love of the Grande and Miller started cracking and they are forced to split up in regret of all.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 7

Not long after, the famous rapper died of an overdose of stimulant. The death of Miller caused Grande fell into a spiritual crisis for a long time. In “Thank U, Next”, Grande has an emotional message to Miller: “Wish I could say “Thank you” to Malcolm. Cause he was an angel”.

Actor Pete Davidson:

“Even almost got married. And for Pete, I’m so thankful”. Grande mentioned actor Pete Davidson in a hit “Thank U, Next”. Love of them budded on January 5. Only 10 days of dating, Grande and Davidson were engaged together. In one performance, Grande publicly wore an engagement ring costing about $100,000.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 10

Next, Grande and the male actor constantly show affections for each other on social networks. But just four months later, the TMZ revealed Grande and Davidson cancelled their marriage pledge. Before that, the love of Grande and Davidson was predicted to break when he replaced the rabbit ear tattoo – a symbol of Grande – to a heart. Grande said: “We still have much affection for each other, but decided to break up because this is not the appropriate time” Currently, Grande opens possibility of back side of Davidson.

4 tinh cu duoc Ariana Grande nhac trong hit 'Thank U, Next' la ai? hinh anh 11

The career of Grande took up a new height after the success of “Thank U, Next”. In November, 25 years old singer was also honored in “Woman of the year 2018” to rival with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez by Billboard magazine.