Guide you how to choose music when exercising

In general, the type of music you listen to during sports activities reflects your personality, the favor for some of the dominant music genres, the relevance to your physical and environmental activities around you or your training goal.

Below, we will introduce a number of free music listening sites (does not include listening sites on Spotify) for physical activities.


8tracks is too famous for all kinds of music. Just search workout music, add some description of the music genre (Dance, Country, Rock, etc.), 8tracks provides a huge music store.


Full site of music genres, clearly divided by genre, type of physical activity, BPM. Since it is a paid site, if you choose 1 CD, each song you can listen to free sample for a maximum of 1 minute and a half.

The site collects user information, has a large database of music for running, walking and cycling activities. allows you to find music at the speed of movement. It has long and varied playlist, offers a wide variety of music, including classical music.

Minus points: slow loading speed, extracting chunk music clips in a very short distance (if not accessed from Spotify).


The site offers 4 playlists:

+ Fitmixed: 4 albums of popular popular pop songs by singers: Bruno Mars, David Guetta, Beyonce, Rihanna

+ Gymdoll: Mix music of hit songs: Young & Beautiful (Lana Del Rey), Genie in a bottle (Christina Aguilera), Maps (Maroon 5), etc.

+ Ready, set, sweat

+ Last 10 workout mixes: General Playlist

Plus: relatively fast loading speed, auto play playlist. The music is relatively easy to hear, the singer is popular (Avici, Daft Punk, Jason Derulo, etc.). The interface is like Soundcloud and easy to use.

Limitations: the function of selecting a category as a song tag is not convenient. Playlist sort is not reasonable.


The website introduces a lot of DJ mixes of popular and popular songs: Rolling in the deep, many songs of Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc.


The song’s BPM parameters only appear when clicking on each song. Another noteworthy point is that Beatport only has music from Dubstep, Deep House, Techno, Electro, etc. If you are not familiar with it, you can use another website that has more easy-to-listen music.

Run Hundred

The minimalist main interface, Run Hundred is based on the user’s favorite music votes to list the top 10 songs and BPMs of each song. In the website, you can choose by source (Top 40 Radio, College Radio, Clubs/DJs, Workout mixes), genres (country, electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock), over time, and tempo. Find the music you need, you can listen and vote.

The obvious weakness of this page is the very short play sample, the list is quite sparse.

Fit Radio

The interface uses easy-to-see and focus icons. Playlist is divided by music genre, DJ name, sports activity (Zumba, Yoga, running, Chakra, etc.). Playlists decrease with activity level, from energy-intensive activities, to resting and relaxing activities.


A bit more old-fashioned music lovers can refer to the genre of Cowboys, for example, Leonard Bernstein’s Mambo in the West Side Story to get the most out of it, especially the chorus of chattering, the rhythm Stamping with monumental brass trumpet and percussion instruments percussion. Another hint is John Williams’ Flying Theme, written for E.T, The Extra Terrestrial. The song is akin to the Disney cartoon music or Japanese manga films, the melody stretches out with excitement, the cymbal sound adds to the feeling of movement.

2 record hunters in the booming online music era, who are they?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s success on Spotify is tied to the album fever ‘thank u, next’. In the first week of its release, the album’s same-name single sold 73,000 record-breaking singles as the single of the most played female artist on Spotify and topped the sales in many countries including the US and UK.

Besides ‘thank u, next’, Ariana also owns the song ‘7 Rings’, which broke a series of the world’s leading online music platforms. On Spotify, ‘7 Rings’ recorded more than 71.4 million hits, breaking the record of the song ‘In My Feelings’ to become the most online hit song in Spotify’s history in its first week of release.

In addition to the above achievements, the American singer has now officially held a record series as a female artist with a track of 100 million, 200 million, 300 million, 400 million, 500 million, 600 million and 700 million. The fastest million views on the Spotify platform. Currently, Ariana Grande is also the most-watched female artist on Instagram and Youtube.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is known all over the world for her ability to compose and perform perfectly. As of April 2019, there are a total of 26 songs that surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify, in which the British artist’s “Shape of You” is still the only song with more than 2 billion streams. That creates an invisible pressure on the music products of other artists behind him. They have to try many times to reach success as “Shape Of You” has done.

In the first week of its release, ‘Shape Of You’ set a new record for Ed Sheeran himself. The song was the first No.1 Billboard Hot 100 in his career, as well as leading the iTunes Chart in 81 countries worldwide and the Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks.

In total, this song appeared continuously on the Hot 100 within 6 months, surpassing every record of the Top 10 appearances of any song with a 33-week record. At Grammy 2018, ‘Shape Of You’ helped Ed Sheeran to win the best solo pop performance. In addition, the British singer also won the best vocal pop album with ‘÷’ (Divide).

This summer, Ed Sheeran collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song ‘I Don’t Care’. After just 24 hours, this song broke the record of the highest single-day stream on Spotify when it drew nearly 11 million streams, breaking the record of the Christmas song ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey shows 10.819.009 streams.

Most recently, his “÷” (Divide) album has surpassed the 8 billion stream mark on Spotify, continuing to lead the list of the most streamed albums in history. Ed Sheeran can be said to be the most influential artist on this platform at the moment and in the next few years.

The famous singer-player love in the world

The famous beautiful female singers and the love with the players of professional football leagues have many admirers.


Barcelona’s midfielder Gerard Piqué has been dating since 2011 and has a lovely first-born boy in 2012.


Although more than 10 years old than a boyfriend, the age barrier never made it difficult for the two. Gerard Piqué shared, he was hit by lightning love with Shakira right from the first meeting when he collaborated on her Waka Waka MV. Although not married, many fans believe that, until now, Shakira and Gerard Piqué are indivisible couples and marriage with them is only a procedure.

Victoria Beckham

The marriage of 15 years of the couple David Beckham – Victoria Beckham is enough for many people to admire.

Spice Girls, a former popular band member, lives happily with a handsome husband and 4 children both boys and girls. After leaving the band, Victoria moved to fashion design work and her new brand initially had certain successes.


The love between David Beckham – Victoria Beckham is also part of pushing the reputation of the former singer spreading quickly around the world. However, keeping the most glamorous guy on the planet is not easy. Several times Becks sunstroke in front of the temptation of other pink shadows, but thanks to Vic’s silent sacrifice, the marriage of two people has been sustained to the present.

Cheryl Cole

It is considered that the broken marriage between Chelsea defender Ashley Cole and British singer Cheryl Cole is the most regrettable thing in this player’s life. Cheryl Cole is not only known as a singer but also one of the WAGs (a girlfriend of the player) with the fieriest body in the land of fog. The couple married in 2006 and broke up in 2010 after Cheryl Cole was betrayed by her husband.


It was painful with the broken marriage, it took two years after parting ways with Ashley Cole, Cheryl could balance his life. Currently, her career is growing in the UK and the United States. Looking ahead, Cheryl will also return as a judge of the US X-Factor. Currently, Cheryl Cole is engaged to French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Mandy Capristo

The young singer born in 1990 Mandy Capristo is quite famous in her native Germany as a singer and model. In 2013, Mandy Capristo was rumored to be dating the famous midfielder Ozil when the two were seen walking together in Spain – where Ozil was playing under Real Madrid.


After a little while, the couple made the public with their love photos on Twitter. The singer shared with the emotional commentary: “And like that, I came to my life”.

Currently, although Ozil has moved to play for Arsenal, the two still regularly date. Mandy Capristo always encourages her boyfriend when Ozil has an injury and difficulties in competition.

Jason Derulo criticized Shawn Mendes for his performance at VMAs 2019

Jason Derulo did not seem to hold back when he mentioned the performance of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello recently at VMAs 2019.

Shawn Mendes did not know what crime to make, he performed with all his might and Halsey did not want to respond

Recently, Jason Derulo gave an interview in England and shared frankly about current performance stages and awards ceremonies. Most notably, a spokesperson from Jason Derulo is said to be directed at Shawn Mendes and his disappointing performance at the VMAs 2019.


The two were once extremely close, but now Jason is criticizing Shawn like this. “The present performance art is really flawed. I’m from a completely different level than them. When I saw those awards shows and saw a guy in a white T-shirt dancing, I thought silently it is really, really bad, the music industry is only that much? Those **** things are repetitive and boring. How could it be okay? How do we go through such awards … “

This statement by Jason Derulo has a paragraph “a guy wearing a white T-shirt” that made the audience immediately think of Shawn Mendes at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards . At the event, he also wears a simple white t-shirt, fills his body and glides over with Camila Cabello in the song “Senorita”.


Although both have tried to play as intimately as possible on stage, the performance is still considered one of the least moments of the VMAs awards this year. The audience is not only criticized for their boring performance, but also the way they sing live so badly on stage. At the end of the performance, both the audience tried to scream for a kiss in the same way they used to perform in public in order to salvage the situation, but no, both just had their faces close to each other withdrawal.


The spokesperson of Jason Derulo is straightforward – but very true, especially with the quality of the awarding stages in recent years, when the golden generation in the village performed Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake are gradually withdrawing, giving way to the juniors but still no one has the ability to burn the stage like they used to!

The connection between music and sports

Today, life has improved more so the demand for health and entertainment also increases. We see no shortage of music and sports playgrounds. But do you notice that music and sports are a couple?

It is not difficult for you to realize this at stadiums, sports festivals or international sports competitions such as SEA Games, World Cup, NBA, … and at smaller scales such as yoga, gym, or the speaker of the aerobic exercise park sisters.

Music and sports have appeared for a long time in the form of pre-hunting ceremonies of ancient tribes. The musical form at that time was very primitive like drums and gongs,… After forming antagonistic subjects, they also had the sound of drums before they started. Sure that you will recognize them immediately if you watch historical documentaries.


Music promotes the human spirit. Electronic music or vibrant rock make the warriors more enthusiastic, helping them achieve better results when competing. Just like drumming in battle, today’s music on the stadiums also signaling fierce fights going on.

When we practice, relaxing music makes our minds quiet and suitable for yoga, while strong music is suitable for strong sports such as running, gym,… This is therapy psychology helps us to forget repetitive exercises that are frustrating, avoid negative thoughts and help us focus more deeply.


Moreover, music in sports practice balances emotions as well as synchronize movement thanks to tempo. Another benefit is that music stimulates areas of the brain that control muscles. This is essential for sports practice because we have to use the whole body to perform the coordinated movement. Music is also a source of motivation by a strong ability to reduce stress, mental stress. If you are tired of jogging every day, why not try to play a vibrant song, you will run a lot better.


It is not so strange that the World Cup always has the soundtracks for each season like Waka Waka, Wavin’ Flag, or Ricky Martin’s famous La Copa De La Vida. If you listen to these songs, then you have not seen an atmosphere of worldly battles.

Vibra Continente – The official Copa America song 2019

In the middle of June, the official song of Copa America  2019  was officially introduced to everyone. The song of the South American No. 1 tournament, called Vibra Continente, was performed by two singers Leo Santana and Karol G.

The official song of Copa America 2019 has just been released. The song is called Vibra Continente with performances by Leo Santana and Karol G. The song was composed by Rafinha RSQ, Leo Santana, Karol G and Ovy On the Drums. Vibra Continente offers a mix of Latin dance and funk music.

The meaning of the song is about calling the unity of the continent, there is a shake to the ball. The lyrics show really bring a lot of meaning to the countries in South America. Meanwhile, the MV is the appearance of children playing soccer, along with a combination of dance of participating countries. The director of the song MV is Thiago Calvino. He conveyed the message of the enthusiasm of the fans here with the nations.


Different from the previous music video music videos often appear football stars. Vibra Continente is illustrated by children playing football, combined with many music and dance backgrounds. Maracana’s stadium is also in this MV. The place is considered the sacred temple of world football in general.

Male lead singer Leo Santana said: “I hope it is a success to open a new door for both. This is considered to be my challenging job because part of it is going around the world. It was a great responsibility and I was very pleased with the song and the MV. We hope to appear at the soccer field to perform this song.”


Colombian singer Karol G excitedly shared: “I never thought I was an important part of the Copa America tournament. This is the event that many countries attend. I am very proud to be a representative for a big tournament”.

 “I am very happy to be in Brazil, considered the paradise of football. I also experienced this feeling with Leo Santana. This is a friend I have known for a long time and also a talented artist. The important thing is that all will be able to live in the atmosphere of the festival”, she shared.

The odd music hobby of Cristiano Ronaldo

Music icon of CR7 (revealed by this player) is Ricky Martin and R.Kelly. This is the reason why the 2008 Golden Ball was satirized by The Sun that is worth eating the red card with his odd musical taste.

A few months ago, CR7 expressed their intention to establish a pop band called The Three Rs along with Ro Fat and Ro when they all hung shoes. This idea once again proves that MU’s wing striker always has a burning passion for music.

But while the career of digital shorts is still growing like a kite, and the idea of ​​being established is temporarily put into the future, CR7 is still immersed in the music world. In the locker room, every chance is the Portuguese player to grab the iPod and listen to his favorite music.


And this is something worth talking about. Although he was only 23 at the age of 23, he should have fallen in love with young music, the gentleman fell in love with Ricky Martin and R.Kelly. “I have all of Martin’s published discs. Among them I like the most is Livin ’La Vida Loca. I love going crazy with dance in that video clip”.

Martin is considered the Prince of Latin music, the author of The Cup Of Life song, in addition to lyrics, he is also a singer with excellent dancing. The fact that CR7 likes the choreography of this singer shows that his musical taste is wild.


Another idol of CR7 is American R&B star, R.Kelly. “I also admire Kelly very much. Without a doubt, my favorite song is I Believe I Can Fly. Kelly is a very great person, the lyrics in his songs are very moving for me (Not sure how CR7 can hear the lyrics read extremely fast in Kelly’s songs?).

Although the two characters that CR7 admires are very famous, their golden age is long gone. So this player’s passion for music is considered nostalgic. But maybe CR7 is not aware of this, so they often bring CDs to the locker room to terrorize their comrades.


The Sun commented: “Ferdinand seems to like dancing. But perhaps these songs can only make one person (referring to CR7) dance. Because for young people, they often like young bands and new songs”.

Anyway, The Sun does not completely deny the dedication to CR7’s enthusiastic music. “If he brought that music to the changing room, it could be considered a miracle. CR7 has a natural talent for music, has a singer who is a singer, and herself has composed songs for her late father. The thing is, maybe because he was born in a particular condition, his musical taste is also difficult to match with the majority”.

Adam Levine stopped working as judge of The Voice America after 16 seasons

Adam Levine started acting as a judge on The Voice America program in 2011 and with Blake Shelton held this position from season 1 until now. Adam’s team won the season 1, season 5 and season 9 with contestants Javier Colon, Tessanne Chin and Jordan Smith.

However, after 16 seasons, Adam Levine decided to stop being the judge of The Voice America. Gwen Stefani is the replacement of the male singer in the competition.

On May 24, Carson Daly – the representative of NBC – announced the change of judges on the Today program. Adam Levine took the position of judge from the first season in 2011. Male singer 40 years old accompanied the competition for 16 seasons and each had three students won the championship.


Adam posted on Instagram: “I am very grateful to be a part of The Voice. Thank you to the organizers, judges and fans. It is time for me to continue my own journey”.

According to CNN, Adam’s decision surprised the audience and colleagues. Previously, NBC has announced that he continues to accompany the competition in season 17, which takes place later this year. Judge Kelly Clarkson posted on Twitter: “As soon as I heard about Adam, I guess he worked too long with the program and simply wanted to leave. It would be very absent to go to The Voice studio and not see Adam at there”.

Gwen Stefani returned to being a judge instead of Adam. She has taken on this role in three seasons. She is dating a judge, Blake Shelton. Blake and Adam are two judges of The Voice America from the first season.


First released in 2011, The Voice US was produced based on the original Dutch program. The competition is organized twice a year, in the spring and fall in the United States. The season 16 of the competition ended on May 21, with the winner of the one-ear deaf singer Maelyn Jarmon. Many names include Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus as program judges. Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez … won the championship of the competition.

How does SeungRi’s scandal affect other YG artists?

After a long time, SeungRi’s rumors have brought negative effects to other YG artists’ images in public.

Over the past time, consecutive accusations on prostitution, prostitution brokerage, embezzlement and violations of food safety law along with the participation in the sex group photo chat group have made the name SeungRi’s age has become a thorn in the public eye. Even without any conclusions, so far, not only Seung Ri himself but YG artists have been greatly influenced by their own schedules. In addition, public attacks and insults make girls and boys in their twenties experience a lot of pressure.

Black Pink

As the trump card of YG Ent, being a rare girl group 3 can compete fairly with Twice on all fronts. The expectation for this comeback of 4 girls is very much and YG has also shown their investment in this product this time. However, with the rumors from SeungRi that lasted for a long time, the pressure from the public made YG unable to give Black Pink a comeback earlier, affecting the schedule and promotion time of the group.


Specifically, “Kill this Love” was officially released by Black Pink on April 4, 2019, while the group’s performance schedule at Coachella began on April 12. Therefore, all 4 girls only have 8 days to promote their products in Korea before going to the US, a little time has passed, causing much impact on the health of the group when having to stretch themselves for 8 days to promote your products in the most effective way to the public.


Compared to Black Pink, SeungRi’s scandal greatly affected WINNER’s image building process rather than the group’s product. Previously, YG released the plan that the company gave four guys this year with much anticipation, from the 3rd full album to the solo products of the members. So, as soon as YG announced the comeback tracklist this time, many fans were angry that this was just a mini album, partly due to YG’s rush to put their groups back after SeungRi’s scandal.

Also, for the Inner Circle, 2019 is a very important year for WINNER because the group will have to try to build a good position in the entertainment industry before the members take turns taking part in military service. And SeungRi’s scandal right now makes the 4 boys’ comeback this year probably lower.


During the interview with the media, WINNER also had a share regarding the return when the senior scandal was still a hot topic in the entertainment industry: “It’s a very complicated and chaotic issue, but because we are working on our album so it doesn’t affect the group much. Instead of receiving negative emotions, we focus on producing music so fans can listen to new songs soon”, Seungyoon said.

Luckily for 4 guys when their music is still well received by the public, it is evident that the group’s new song “Ah Yeah” is still doing well on music charts.

After divorce, Adele announced a new album that will pursue exciting music

Recently, in an Instagram post to commemorate his 31st birthday, Adele made Daydreamers the whole world in a mess: announcing the new album name and mainstream music for this comeback stage.

The announcement was posted by the “Hello” singer with her latest series at the 31st birthday celebration party. The main introduction is about Adele’s experiences and feelings in the past year, experiencing many events, losses and lessons.


She also affirmed that in her new age she will open her heart to everyone, expressing optimism, happiness and love. Besides, she also showed affection for fans. It can be seen that, through a quiet divorce, not wanting to make noise recently, the spirit of Rose Moon is now stable and filled with positive energy.

However, the last line made the fans much more interested: “The album “30” will be a drum and bass type, a little offensive to everyone, right?” It can be seen that, after the album series with the name “19”, “21” and “25” is shaking the world, “30” promises to explode no less than the previous product.


Besides, the drum and bass music that Adele revealed made the audience even more surprised – when this is an extremely lively music line, with drum beats and strong bass characteristic, sometimes makes the listener mistaken for EDM. Famous for the deep, sometimes silly, sometimes dull, pop or ballad or souls like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling In The Deep”, “Set Fire To The Rain”, “Hello”, … The”180″ turn “drum” of the “British water polo” to drum and bass is a spectacular makeover that fans also did not expect.


Whether with completely new music material, in stark contrast to what has been done before, “30” has achieved great success like “19”, “21” or “25”? We can only wait for the time to answer, but we know one thing before our eyes: Adele’s newmusic product is preparing to sweep all fronts!