Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 4)


Verdi is a famous opera and musical composer, he composed for many plays in Europe in the 19th century, especially the plays of Shakespeare. During his illustrious career, Verdi was once judged to be unable to write comedy, and in response to that assessment, he wrote the musical Falstaff at the age of 80 and it became a classic, is one of Verdi’s best music. Verdi’s representative songs are Falstaff, Messa de Requiem, La Traviata, Valzer Brillante.


• Full name: Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi

• Nationality: Italian

• Year of birth: 10/10/1813

• Year of death: January 27, 1901

• Typical music lines: Opera, concerto, overture, musicals


Brahms is a great German composer, musician, and conductor. He is considered as the heir to the quintessence of both Baroque, classical and romantic times to include in his works. Brahms is honored to stand in line with Bach and Beethoven in “Trio B”, including 3 musicians whose last name starts with the best B. Brahms’ typical songs are the Hungarian Dance No. 5, Cantec de Leagan, Intermezzo, Ravel: La valse,…


• Full name: Johannes Brahms

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: May 7, 1833

• Year of death: April 3, 1897

• Typical music genre: Symphony, chamber, chorus


And the last figure in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time is Schumann – a typical 19th century composer. Schumann’s style is characterized by piano and romantic music. He is considered the outstanding successor of Beethoven and Schubert. Although famous for its lilting, energetic music style, Schumann’s life has many events. In the last two years of his life, Schumann was sent to a psychiatric ward and died at the age of 46. Schumann’s typical works are Reveria, Kinderszemen, Widmung, Der Nussbaum…


• Full name: Robert Alexander Schumann

• Nationality Germany

• Year of birth: June 8, 1810

• Year of death: July 29, 1856

• Typical music genre: piano, lieder, symphony, opera, hymn

So the readers have just watched the Top 10 greatest composers of all time, with such cult names as Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven… These are all composers, musicians, artists famous for the timeless music, changing the music background, and being the master that every singer and songwriter of the next generation respects.

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Wagner is a famous German composer. Compared to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Wagner belongs to the next generation. Wagner’s music is considered to have significant reforms in both profession and genre. Wagner strongly develops musical forms, especially leitmotif – the background music for each character in the play. Not only was he a great composer, but Wagner was also involved in German politics and revolution. Wagner was also Hitler’s iconic composer when Hitler himself recognized that Wagner’s music had a strong influence on him, though not really gay with his political views. Typical Wagner’s songs are Der Ring des Nibelungen, Venusberg Music, Die Walkure …



• Full name: Wilhelm Richard Wagner

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: May 22, 1813

• Year of death: February 13, 1883

• Typical music genre: Opera, musical, leitmotif, overture


Schubert is an Austrian-born romantic musician. In his life, Schubert was not really successful in order to make a living, he had to rely on the help of many family members. Schubert died early, when he was 31 years old. After Schubert’s death, he was considered one of the most prominent composers of the romantic period, so Schubert was also included in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is known for his gentle, melodious melody. Schubert’s most representative songs are Serenade, Die Forelle, Jonathan Antoine, Ave Maria, Sonata No. 18 in G major,…



• Full name: Franz Peter Schubert

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: 31/01/1797

• Year of death: November 19, 1828

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, lieder, piano, ritual music


Referring to the Top 10 greatest composers of all time, we cannot help but mention Liszt – a famous Hungarian composer and pianist. He is considered the greatest composer and pianist of all time. In the past, Liszt had studied from Czerny – a student of Beethoven, but between Liszt and his teacher, there are many disagreements in music, especially about finger technique when playing piano. Liszt proved himself right when he became a famous all over Europe artist with a glittering career. Liszt’s representative works are the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Consolation, Liebestraume, Un Sospiro …


• Full name: Franz Liszt

• Nationality: Hungarian

• Year of birth: October 20, 1811

• Year of death: July 31, 1886

• Typical music: Piano

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Not inferior to Mozart and Beethoven, Bach is considered as “gospel writer” in music. Bach was born into a family with musical traditions and his name is closely related to the Baroque period. Although after that, Bach was once considered outdated and simply composed for musical instruments when the classical music school rose in Europe overwhelmed Baroque, but the admiration of many musical talents. later as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn showed the greatness of Bach. He is also referred to as the William Shakespeare in music, the master of the most famous composers, Beethoven also called him “the father of harmony”.


Typical pieces of Bach music include the Brandeburg Concertos, Mass in Si minor, The Well-Tempered Calvier and cantatas, many chorus, partita, passion, and organ songs.


• Full name: Johann Sebastian Bach

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: March 21, 2016

• Year of death: June 28, 1750

• Typical music: Baroque, harmony, concert, chamber


Haydn is an indispensable name in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is considered the “father of symphony”, as well as the teacher of Mozart and Beethoven. Haydn’s parents recognized their son’s talents from a young age and agreed to the request of the headmaster of the Hainburg Conservatory to let his son go there to study and live. At that time, Haydn was only 6 years old and since then Haydn has never been able to live with his parents anymore.


Haydn used to work as a freelance artist and with Haydn, Bach was a great musician who inspired him. Haydn gradually advanced in his career, sponsored by aristocrats and music director for a famous earl. Later, Haydn was honored to be seen as an official member of the wealthy and powerful Esterhaza family, and became a close friend of Princess Maria – wife of Prince Nikolaus. These have helped Haydn’s career flourish throughout Europe. Haydn’s most prominent works include Symphony No. 140, Andante, Die Schopfung, Serenade, Symphony No. 94, Concerto in C major …


• Full name: Franz Joseph Haydn

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: March 31, 1732

• Year of death: 31/05/1809

• Typical music genre: symphony, string quartet, royal music, sonata

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Music is one of 7th-type of arts and an indispensable part in human life. Before the era of pop music, classical music had flourished and was considered a high-class art form.

This is the time when famous musical geniuses are born, let us watch the Top 10 greatest composers of all time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rated as a “musical prodigy”, the Austrian composer Mozart is the leader in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. Born into a family to a father who is a small musician, Mozart has been taught to play musical instruments since he was a child and has shown his talent ever since. According to many documents handed down, Mozart composed the first music from the age of five.


Mozart is the most famous composer in the European classical music genre. Mozart’s works are considered to be the culmination of symphonic music, chamber music, opera and piano. Mozart’s typical works such as Turkish March, Requiem, Die Zauberfloete, Don Giovani, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Piano Sonata, Symphony No. 40, Symphony No. 5, … has become immortal melodies.


• Full name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: January 27, 1756

• Year of death: December 5, 1791

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, opera, piano


Beethoven is a talented musician not inferior to Mozart. As a post-born, Beethoven soon suffered pressure from Mozart’s huge shadow. As a child, Beethoven’s father expected his son to become a musical prodigy but failed. However, the more he matured, the more Beethoven developed his musical talent. He was enlightened classical music of Mozart but also paved the way for a new school of romantic music that will later flourish in Europe.


According to Beethoven’s biographical records, he became completely deaf at the age of 49, but Beethoven still did not give up on composing music. Legend has it that he used a stick placed on the eardrum so that when playing the instrument, it created vibrations for the eardrum, through which the music could be felt.

During his career, Beethoven has devoted a huge musical treasure, including songs that have become classics. Beethoven’s typical works are Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 9, Allegretto …


• Full name: Ludwig van Beethoven

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: December 17, 1770

• Year of death: March 26, 1827

• Typical music lines: symphony, chamber, sonata, concerto

Biography of Elvis Presley – The king of Rock and Roll

Elvis Aaron Presley was an American actor and musical icon regarded by many as the king of rock and roll. He was born on January 8, 1939 to Vermon and Gladys Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was born a twin but his twin brother was stillborn, so, this left Elvis as the only child of the family. In 1948, Elvis and his parents moved to Tennessee when he was 13 years old and while there he graduated from Humes high school in 1953,

Elvis was influenced by pop and country music, gospel music he heard while attending church and the all-night gospel songs concert he frequently attends and the R&B he listened to while growing up in the street of Memphis.

Elvin began his music career in 1954 when he was signed to Sun Records label in Memphis and in the late 1955, his recording contract was sold to RCA Victor.  Elvis’ first single on the RCA label “heartbreak Hotel” was released in January 1956 and instantly became a number one hit in the United States. With that he grew to become a household name in America and an international sensation with a unique sound and style that amalgamated his various musical influences and challenged the social and racial barriers of that time. His popularity brought about a whole new era of American music and pop culture.

Elvis during his career, starred in 33 movies, made numerous special appearances on television and gained worldwide accolade through his many record breaking live performances whenever on tour across many cities in the United States and in Las Vegas. He sold over one billion records worldwide, making him the highest record selling artist of all time. His sales in America, has earned him multi awards including his 3 wins from 14 nominations from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award which he received when he was just 36, in 1970, he was named One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation by the United States Jaycees and has been inducted in multiple music halls of fame. Elvis, not minding is celebrity status, served in the US army in 1953.

Elvis talent and charisma endeared him to millions of people as he was regarded as one of the most important and influential figures of the 20th century. Elvis suddenly died in1977 at his Memphis home, Graceland at the age of 42 from years of prescription drug abuse.

Biography of Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, commonly referred to as the “King of Pop”, was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana to Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson and Katherine Esther Jackson. His father, a former boxer, worked as a steelworker with the US steel. Additionally, Joe performed with a local rhythm and blues band, the Falcons, to supplement the family’s income. His mother left the Baptist faith to become a Jehovah’s Witness in 1963. She played the piano and the clarinet very well and worked part time at Sears to support her family. Michael was the eighth child of the ten Jackson family with five brothers, who later became known as the Jackson 5, and three sisters. Michael was one of the influential and popular entertainers in the world and the best-selling music artist during the year of his death.

In 1964, Jackson made his musical debut with his other brothers namely Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marion as a member of the Jackson five musical group. He went solo in 1971 while still with Motown Records. In the early 1980s, Jackson became a household name in pop music. His musical videos have been credited as breaking racial barriers mostly especially those from the album Thriller. His 1987 album, Bad climbed the US billboard and became the first album to have five singles as number one. These singles included “Dirty Diana”, “The Man in the Mirror”, “The Way You Made Me Feel”, “Bad”, and “Can’t Stop Loving You”. Jackson became known worldwide as a touring artist and through stage and television performances, Jackson invented and popularized a number of dance steps, such as robot and moonwalk.

Jackson Thriller album is the best-selling album of all time with over 66 million copies sold worldwide. Jackson’s other albums “like off the wall”, released in 1979, “Bad”, released in 1987, “Dangerous”, released in 1991 and “HIStory”, released in 1995, also experienced some level of successes and ranked among top selling albums worldwide. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, making him one the few artists to have achieved that. He was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Dance hall of Fame as the only dancer to have been inducted from pop and rock music. Jackson received numerous awards and other personal achievements which included multiple Guinness World Records, including one for the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time, 13 Grammy Awards, The Grammy Legend Award, The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, 24 American Music Awards – the most recipient of this award more than any other artist and included the Artist of the Century Award, 13 number one singles in the United States during his incredible solo career – more than  any other male artist in the Hot 100 era – and an estimated record sales of over 350 million copies worldwide.

Jackson won many awards not only for his musical creativity but for his humanitarianism. In 2000, The Guinness Book of Records, recognized him for supporting up to 39 charities, more than any other artist.

Despite all this, Jackson courted a lot of controversies in the 1980s for his changing physical appearance, his relationships and behavior, and in 1993, he was accused of sexually molesting a boy by a family friend. The case went to court but later settled out of court for undisclosed fee. In 2005, he was once again accused of child sexual abuse but was found not guilty by the jury on all counts.

On June 25, 2009, Jackson died of cardiac arrest as a result of acute propofol and benzodiazepine overdose while preparing for his comeback concert, “This is it.” His death was later ruled as a homicide by the LA county Coroner and his personal physician Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

He was ranked as the top earning death celebrity by Forbes for five years running in 2017.

Biography of Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley was born on the 6th February 1945 to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedelia Booker in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica. Norval Marley was a British Jamaican and his mother, Cedelia Booker was an Afro-Jamican.  They planned to get married but Norval left Kingston before this could happen. Bob attended Stepney Primary School and Junior High School in Saint Ann and when he was just 10 years old in 1955, his father, Norval Marley died of a heart attack at the age of 70. Bob’s mother went on to marry Edward Booker, an American civil servant. The marriage produced bob’s two brothers, Richard and Anthony.

Bob Marley started his musical career in 1963, with the wailers, a group he formed with Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston and in the February of 1966, Bob Marley married Rita Marley and she subsequently introduced him to Rastafarianism. By 1969, Bob Marley and all other members of the wailers had fully embraced Rastafarianism, which greatly influenced their music and the reggae music in general. The wailers did collaborations with Lee Scratch Perry, resulting in hit songs like “Soul Rebel”, “Duppy Conquerer”, “400 years” and “Small Axe”. But despite the success of these songs, Perry and the Wailers relationship ended abruptly when the wailers discovered that Perry has claimed the songs to be his and sold them in England without their consent. This crisis at that time brought the wailer’s music to the notice of Chris Blackwell, the owner of Island Music.

Blackwell signed the wailers to his record label and produced their first album, “Catch a Fire“. Their second album, “Burnin”, followed suit and contained tracks like “Get Up Stand Up” and “I Shot the Sheriff.” Tosh and Livingston left the wailers to start their solo careers in 1974. When they left, Bob formed the band “Bob Marley and the Wailers”, with his wife as one of the three backup singers the band had, called I-Trees.  The band produced several hit albums like “Natty Dread” and “Rastaman Vibration.”

During a period of political violence in 1976, an attempt was made on Bob Marley’s life that prompted him to move to England, where he lived in self-exiled for two years. While in England, “Exodus” was produced, and it remained on the British charts for 56 straight weeks. Bob and his band released another album, “Kaya”, which was also successful. These successes catapulted him to international prominence and limelight.

In 1977, Bob Marley, visited a doctor when he noticed that a wound in one of his toes would not heal. Doctors conducted tests and found out that it was cancer and offer to cut off that toe, but Bob Marley refused, saying it was against his Rastafarian belief. The cancer was kept a secret from the public while Bob continued with his musical career.

In 1978, Bob Marley returned to Jamaica and released “Survival” in 1979 and followed through with a European tour. In 1980, he was invited to perform at the independence celebration of Zimbabwe as the only foreign artist. Bob was recording incredible successes in his musical career, so he started an American tour. He played two shows at Madison Square Garden, but he collapsed while jogging in New York City’ Central Park on September 21, 1980. The cancer diagnosed earlier had spread to his lung, brain and stomach. Bob Marley died in a Miami hospital on May 11, 1981.