Billboard published the top 5 Social 50 charts for the 2010s

Billboard has officially announced the top 5 artists of the Social 50 rankings of the decade 2010.

After announcing the last 40 positions in the top 50 artists on the “Decade-End Charts Social 50” list, Billboard has officially completed the remaining 10 positions. Accordingly, the performance will be based on the coverage of the artists on social networking sites, the time is calculated from December 11, 2010 to the end of September 28, 2019.

Most notably, there are names that appear in the top 5 because many people still do not know who will rule this gold table?

Justin Bieber

Finally, Billboard also officially named the remaining positions in the Social 50 ranking of the decade 2010. Accordingly, the throne was officially owned by Justin Bieber when he owned 163 weeks to reach the No. 1 position on the table. This ranking over the past decade. In addition, the vocalist “Sorry” also excelled in the persistent BXH Social 50 until 429 weeks.


Although there are more weeks appearing in this arena than Justin Bieber (449 weeks), Rihanna has only 21 weeks to climb to No.1 so when converting the ranking score, the vocalist “Stay” only holds the runner-up tittle. To say it again, it was thanks to the persistent longevity on the Social 50 Ranking that helped Rihanna excel in Second.

Ariana Grande

Similar to Rihanna, Ariana Grande also thanks the persistent grip with 353 weeks on the chart and 18 weeks dominating the No.1 position since 2014, the sub diva has excelled landed in the 3rd In addition, an important factor determining Ariana Grande’s ranking is the number of weeks it reaches rank 2. Accordingly, the “7 rings” vocalist has 208 weeks and is second only to Justin Bieber (326 weeks).



BTS officially stopped at No. 4. Although there are weeks rule the title of Social 50 Champion up to 152 weeks, only lost to Justin Bieber but due to the number of weeks present on The rankings were 161 weeks so BTS had to rank at 4 in the list of Top 50 Social of the decade. If you didn’t know, in nine weeks not in the 1st place, BTS was ranked 2nd. Certainly, when stepping In the new decade, Social 50 promises to be a fierce arena because BTS’s dominance is becoming stronger on social media platforms.

Taylor Swift

Closer to the top 5 is Taylor Swift, she ranked at No. 5 thanks to 28 weeks of ruling the title of Champion. This is also the third highest number, just behind Justin Bieber and BTS. In addition, the vocalist “Shake It Off” has also stayed at 384 weeks on the Social 50 charts for the past decade.

For those who don’t know, Billboard Social 50 is a chart that reflects popularity, ranking the leading artist in terms of the amount of interaction based on social networking platforms. The results of each week will be officially published by Billboard based on data from online music analysis firm Next Big Sound. Accordingly, the ranking will depend on the number of followers, page views and interaction that the public has for artists on the above social networks.