Best Music Production Software of 2018

It’s difficult to know how to set up a home studio when it comes to music recording software. Your best bet is to start with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). DAWs are essentially the centrepiece of your home studio. It’s where you can record music, tweak it, and master it. However, which DAW is best suited for your recording needs? Below, you will find the best DAWs for 2018. Each of them will do something that others can’t, and it’s up to you to decide which one is the most ideal for your music recording needs.

Pro Tools 12 – $599

Pro Tools is considered the industry standard when it comes to DAWs. You will find this in most professional recording studios and will be able to use it with any audio interface. If you are searching for all-around production software for sequencing and live instruments, you can’t go wrong with Pro Tools. With the mid-tier plan, you’ll receive 128 tracks, 32 different hard-wired inputs, 512 MIDI tracks and instruments as well as 60 software instruments.

Propellerhead Reason 10 – $399

Reason is renowned for its effects and plugins in the music industry. The software also caters to both electronic music production and live instrument recording. Purchasing the latest Reason 10 will come equipped with an assortment of features. This includes ten virtual instruments along with loads of drum loop selections from Dr. Octo, Korg, and more. The Matrix editor will allow you to layer loops together while using an unlimited collection of software and audio instruments. There’s even VST support, ReFill, ReWire, and a link for Ableton Live for sequencing.

Logic Pro X – $199

Next to Ableton and Pro Tools is Logic Pro which usually makes it onto the shortlist when it comes to the best music production software. The latest version from Logic Pro provides a slimmed down version with far less sound libraries, but it still offers a plethora of interesting features such as the Smart Tempo feature which reads and matches the BPM of your song. There are also tons of stock plugins, including vintage EQs, reverb, and more. The latest version also made loads of improvements on drummer patches and included a mobile app to control the software from your phone.

Ableton Live 10 – $499

If Pro Tools is considered the industry standard when it comes to studio features, there’s no denying that Ableton is considered the standard for EDM, DJs, and hip-hop beats. The latest version from Ableton comes with an arsenal of features which is ideal for any beat maker, regardless if they are a beginner or veteran. You’ll find three versions of Ableton, including a full Suite, a Standard version, and a Lite version. The Standard version comes equipped with unlimited MIDI and audio tracks, 12 return and send buses in terms of effects, 256 different outs and ins, the capabilities of capturing MIDI inputs for programming live, awesome warp modes, and over 1,800 different sounds that are built into the software.