After divorce, Adele announced a new album that will pursue exciting music

Recently, in an Instagram post to commemorate his 31st birthday, Adele made Daydreamers the whole world in a mess: announcing the new album name and mainstream music for this comeback stage.

The announcement was posted by the “Hello” singer with her latest series at the 31st birthday celebration party. The main introduction is about Adele’s experiences and feelings in the past year, experiencing many events, losses and lessons.


She also affirmed that in her new age she will open her heart to everyone, expressing optimism, happiness and love. Besides, she also showed affection for fans. It can be seen that, through a quiet divorce, not wanting to make noise recently, the spirit of Rose Moon is now stable and filled with positive energy.

However, the last line made the fans much more interested: “The album “30” will be a drum and bass type, a little offensive to everyone, right?” It can be seen that, after the album series with the name “19”, “21” and “25” is shaking the world, “30” promises to explode no less than the previous product.


Besides, the drum and bass music that Adele revealed made the audience even more surprised – when this is an extremely lively music line, with drum beats and strong bass characteristic, sometimes makes the listener mistaken for EDM. Famous for the deep, sometimes silly, sometimes dull, pop or ballad or souls like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling In The Deep”, “Set Fire To The Rain”, “Hello”, … The”180″ turn “drum” of the “British water polo” to drum and bass is a spectacular makeover that fans also did not expect.


Whether with completely new music material, in stark contrast to what has been done before, “30” has achieved great success like “19”, “21” or “25”? We can only wait for the time to answer, but we know one thing before our eyes: Adele’s newmusic product is preparing to sweep all fronts!