5 things to know about music in sports

According to many scientific studies, music helps to boost the human spirit, an effective mental medicine to help athletes be more enthusiastic and excited.

 Music helps calm the mind through calming music or intense energy through strong sports such as jogging, gym …

1. Music helps you increase the intensity of your practice

One study found that exercising with music helps motorists distract themselves from the exhaustion of the body. When listening to music, the brain will work more and distract you in a beneficial way for activities. This helps to increase quality by about 15%.

2. Listen to the right type of music

Usually, listening to music with fast and strong tempo will increase the amount of movement. However, listening to music is too fast, the rhythm is not good. Songs that have 120-140 beats/minute will have the best impact on regular exercises.

3. List songs that affect your emotions

When you listen to these tunes, you will feel connected and evoke the feeling you first heard. You will feel and recall the situation when you hear it. These songs are strongly linked to your memory. This will help increase the intensity of the training. Therefore, you should include and summarize positive songs such as songs about victory, sports, cheers, etc.

4. Uplifting

According to many experts, those who listen to music will have a relaxed spirit and understand themselves better. Listening to music helps these people focus on their emotions and nature. You can listen to a melody to overcome negative emotions, focus energy in practice.

5. Stimulating motor skills

The truth is, it’s hard for you to stand still when listening to a catchy tune! Science has shown that the brain is stimulated to hear vibrant melodies, including moving muscles. Simply put, your album library has a duty to order you to be physically active, even if it’s simple movement.