2 record hunters in the booming online music era, who are they?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s success on Spotify is tied to the album fever ‘thank u, next’. In the first week of its release, the album’s same-name single sold 73,000 record-breaking singles as the single of the most played female artist on Spotify and topped the sales in many countries including the US and UK.

Besides ‘thank u, next’, Ariana also owns the song ‘7 Rings’, which broke a series of the world’s leading online music platforms. On Spotify, ‘7 Rings’ recorded more than 71.4 million hits, breaking the record of the song ‘In My Feelings’ to become the most online hit song in Spotify’s history in its first week of release.

In addition to the above achievements, the American singer has now officially held a record series as a female artist with a track of 100 million, 200 million, 300 million, 400 million, 500 million, 600 million and 700 million. The fastest million views on the Spotify platform. Currently, Ariana Grande is also the most-watched female artist on Instagram and Youtube.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is known all over the world for her ability to compose and perform perfectly. As of April 2019, there are a total of 26 songs that surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify, in which the British artist’s “Shape of You” is still the only song with more than 2 billion streams. That creates an invisible pressure on the music products of other artists behind him. They have to try many times to reach success as “Shape Of You” has done.

In the first week of its release, ‘Shape Of You’ set a new record for Ed Sheeran himself. The song was the first No.1 Billboard Hot 100 in his career, as well as leading the iTunes Chart in 81 countries worldwide and the Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks.

In total, this song appeared continuously on the Hot 100 within 6 months, surpassing every record of the Top 10 appearances of any song with a 33-week record. At Grammy 2018, ‘Shape Of You’ helped Ed Sheeran to win the best solo pop performance. In addition, the British singer also won the best vocal pop album with ‘÷’ (Divide).

This summer, Ed Sheeran collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song ‘I Don’t Care’. After just 24 hours, this song broke the record of the highest single-day stream on Spotify when it drew nearly 11 million streams, breaking the record of the Christmas song ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey shows 10.819.009 streams.

Most recently, his “÷” (Divide) album has surpassed the 8 billion stream mark on Spotify, continuing to lead the list of the most streamed albums in history. Ed Sheeran can be said to be the most influential artist on this platform at the moment and in the next few years.