Immerse yourself in the exciting music in the Guns N ‘Roses slot game

NetEnt’s Guns N ‘Roses slot is a slot game that tributes to the iconic group’s highly anticipated 30th anniversary.

Even for players with no musical interests, Guns N ‘Roses offers the opportunity with 5 reels, 20 lines which are extremely fun because there are so many cool features to keep you entertained.

Guns N ‘Roses online slot game began with the band’s most memorable moments from their multitude of fascinating performances over the past three decades. NetEnt knew that the opportunity to partner with such an iconic brand was one they couldn’t afford to miss. Major competitors have been securing contracts with entertainment brands for years and NetEnt has no plans to miss that boat. Slot machines have always been the biggest attraction for online gambling operators and that is most evident by the number of slots currently offered by each operator and brands connected to those slot machines. Players can enjoy slots created after major movie franchises such as Justice League and Planet of the Apes along with other unique franchises, like the Pimped slot game’s connection with artists award.

NetEnt has been working tirelessly to ensure their latest 5 reels with 20 payment lines provide eye-catching, user-friendly features. Putting players first, NetEnt has offered a game with a range of unique features including an Autoplay function – which gives users up to 1,000 spins without manual intervention – as well as option to customize settings, like sound and game speed. You can get into the action from as little as 0.20 and wager up to 200 per spin, which means players with all budgets have access to this game.

Symbol Wild in the form of Guns N ‘Roses logo, NetEnt has created a sound system to synchronize the band’s classical songs with the player’s actions on the screen. The addition of a unique song selection school gives players the chance to enjoy the band’s unforgettable hits like “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” and “November Rain”.

The bonus feature is activated by landing three record symbols on reels one, three, and five. The reward of this game will be determined by spinning the bonus wheel. The Encore Free Spins reward gives you 10 free spins. Bonus Coin Wins, which rewards you with the amount of coins displayed on the bonus wheel.

Alternatively, you can randomly win free spins including stacked Wild spins (Legend Spins) and multipliers. In the main game you may also come across Appetite for Destruction Wild, which is essentially a Wild area in the shape of a cross appearing in the center of the reel. It replaces all symbols except the bonus icon.

NetEnt, clearly in line with industry trends, ensures the Guns N ‘Roses gambling game is mobile friendly. The slot is fully optimized for use on most mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. So make sure you’ve played this highly entertaining slot machine game on the device you love!

Celine Dion was asked for $ 13 million in compensation

“I do not deny Prinz’s efforts, but this amount is more than what he deserves,” the singer asserted.

Bill Board reported that Celine Dion was asked to pay $ 13 million to his former manager, Rob Prinz.

Celine Dion and her lawyers said they would go to court after the California Labor Commission asked the singer to pay Rob Prinz.

Accordingly, Prinz signed a contract as a manager for Celine Dion since 1989. Based on the terms, Rob Prinz received between 1.5 and 3% commissions from female singers’ contracts. Celine Dion and Prinz came to a deal with this in 2016, before the diva’s husband passed away.

The diva said that Prinz did not deserve such a large commission for what she spent. The conflict between the two sides started when the female singer signed with AEG company in 2017. Under the agreement between Celine Dion and AEG, the singer can earn $ 489 million including concerts. from 2017 to 2026. This means that Rob Prinz will receive $ 13 million, the amount is paid off gradually from now until 2026.

However, the diva said that Prinz did not deserve such a large commission compared to what he paid.

“I do not deny Prinz’s efforts, but this amount is more than what he deserves,” she said.

Before that, in February 2019, the female singer born in 1968 fired her manager due to a dispute over the commission. Prinz then filed an application to the California Labor Commission – the state agency to settle employment disputes, which is designated to settle disputes between artists and managers and agents.

At the age of 52, Celine Dion is not only a singer with top-notch vocals, she also tops the list of the richest divas of all time. When compared to Hollywood female stars in general, the 52-year-old singer comes in sixth place with $ 455 million, according to Forbes.

Adele joined the TV show after losing weight

Appearing on the show, the vocal “Hello” surprised the MC and fans with her slimmer and sexy body.

On October 23, Daily Mail reported that singer Adele appeared on the famous American show Saturday Night Live (SNL). In the teaser, singer Rolling in the Deep and HER singer wearing a mask in the middle of the epidemic season, chatting happily with MC Kate McKinnon.

Many people are looking forward to the return of the British singer. The audience speculated her ability to perform and sing live in SNL. If so, this is the first show after 3 years Adele takes a break for health.

Adele’s last live performance was at the end of 2017. She withdrew from two shows at Wembley Stadium, London after claiming a vocal cord injury, ending her tour early.

In the introduction video of the SNL program, Adele continued to surprise fans with her slimmer body. 32-year-old singer bold makeup, emphasizing the eyes. In a purple velvet shirt, the audience easily noticed her slim waist.

Since the summer of 2019, Adele has begun to show off her weight loss achievements. Under the comments of the Daily Mail, readers said that this female singer constantly surprised them with the slim moments, different from the old days.

“Adele is getting more and more sexy, her makeup is so beautiful,” one wrote. “Adele was lovely in the past, now surprisingly sexy”, another account commented.

In 2009, Adele appeared on NBC waves with a chubby appearance. After 12 years, she transformed into a mature woman, a sexy and slim one-child mother. Fans are looking forward to Adele’s epic comeback.

Compared to 2019, the female singer lost more than 45 kg. To get in shape as the present, singer Skyfall applies the Sirtfood Diet method, eating less than 1,000 calories / day.

In mid-August, when asked by fans about the release of a new album, Adele shared that there is no specific plan.

Earlier, in early January, it was reported that the singer’s 4th studio album was released in September. However, Jonathan Dickins – Adele’s manager – said that the album was delayed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

British magazine selected 500 best music albums

Rolling Stone has selected 500 best albums of all time, with a panel of more than 300 famous artists, journalists, and music producers.

The list was announced by the magazine on September 22, the first place belonged to the album What’s Going On (1971) of soul prince Marvin Gaye. “The masterpiece originated as a protest against police violence in America. It was one of the first theme albums of the soul music genre and one of the most influential works of all time. After What’s Going On, black artists around the world feel a new freedom of using music that reflects politics”, commented Rolling Stone’s writers.

This judging panel includes many famous artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish. The rest include music producers, famous people in the industry, prestigious journalists and critics by Rolling Stone. Each person submits a list of the 50 most favorite albums. The top work is given 300 points, the lowest will be given 44 points. More than 3,000 albums have been nominated for the list.

As a result, the chart has 154 new albums appeared compared to the old version in 2003. Of which, 84 works were produced in the 21st century. According to USA Today, many experts consider the new list to be more diverse in terms of body type. type of music, not as inclined to rock as before. The number of rap albums contributed three times higher than the old chart.

Top 10 are still music products classics like Pet Sound (1966) by The Beach Boys, Blue (1971) by Joni Mitchell or Songs in the Key of Life (1976) by Stevie Wonder. The Beatles is the artist with the most albums on the list with nine works, followed by Bob Dylan (eight albums).

“Grammy Phenomenon” Billie Eilish, whose debut album is at No. 397, is the youngest artist to appear on the list. Judges Beyonce and Taylor Swift also have products on the chart.

Jon Dolan, critic of Rolling Stone, commented: “I think this result is more true of the current taste of music. Many genres are completely new, from latin to krautrock … You can listen to these This album a hundred times and still finds a new one. Like the way I heard The Velvet Underground & Nico and thought it will last forever.

Rolling Stone held a vote of the 500 best music albums in 2003, well received by many music lovers. Last year alone, this old list attracted 63 million visitors from all over the world. The editorial board felt the rankings needed to be updated as there were many new works in the past two decades. Album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) topped the charts in 2003.

Albums in the top 10:

10. Lauryn Hill – “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

9. Bob Dylan – “Blood on the Tracks”

8. Prince and the Revolution – “Purple Rain”

7. Fleetwood Mac – “Rumors”

6. Nirvana – “Nevermind”

5. The Beatles – “Abbey Road”

4. Stevie Wonder – “Songs in the Key of Life”

3. Joni Mitchell – “Blue”

2. The Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds”

1. Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”

Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 4)


Verdi is a famous opera and musical composer, he composed for many plays in Europe in the 19th century, especially the plays of Shakespeare. During his illustrious career, Verdi was once judged to be unable to write comedy, and in response to that assessment, he wrote the musical Falstaff at the age of 80 and it became a classic, is one of Verdi’s best music. Verdi’s representative songs are Falstaff, Messa de Requiem, La Traviata, Valzer Brillante.


• Full name: Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi

• Nationality: Italian

• Year of birth: 10/10/1813

• Year of death: January 27, 1901

• Typical music lines: Opera, concerto, overture, musicals


Brahms is a great German composer, musician, and conductor. He is considered as the heir to the quintessence of both Baroque, classical and romantic times to include in his works. Brahms is honored to stand in line with Bach and Beethoven in “Trio B”, including 3 musicians whose last name starts with the best B. Brahms’ typical songs are the Hungarian Dance No. 5, Cantec de Leagan, Intermezzo, Ravel: La valse,…


• Full name: Johannes Brahms

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: May 7, 1833

• Year of death: April 3, 1897

• Typical music genre: Symphony, chamber, chorus


And the last figure in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time is Schumann – a typical 19th century composer. Schumann’s style is characterized by piano and romantic music. He is considered the outstanding successor of Beethoven and Schubert. Although famous for its lilting, energetic music style, Schumann’s life has many events. In the last two years of his life, Schumann was sent to a psychiatric ward and died at the age of 46. Schumann’s typical works are Reveria, Kinderszemen, Widmung, Der Nussbaum…


• Full name: Robert Alexander Schumann

• Nationality Germany

• Year of birth: June 8, 1810

• Year of death: July 29, 1856

• Typical music genre: piano, lieder, symphony, opera, hymn

So the readers have just watched the Top 10 greatest composers of all time, with such cult names as Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven… These are all composers, musicians, artists famous for the timeless music, changing the music background, and being the master that every singer and songwriter of the next generation respects.

Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 3)


Wagner is a famous German composer. Compared to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Wagner belongs to the next generation. Wagner’s music is considered to have significant reforms in both profession and genre. Wagner strongly develops musical forms, especially leitmotif – the background music for each character in the play. Not only was he a great composer, but Wagner was also involved in German politics and revolution. Wagner was also Hitler’s iconic composer when Hitler himself recognized that Wagner’s music had a strong influence on him, though not really gay with his political views. Typical Wagner’s songs are Der Ring des Nibelungen, Venusberg Music, Die Walkure …



• Full name: Wilhelm Richard Wagner

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: May 22, 1813

• Year of death: February 13, 1883

• Typical music genre: Opera, musical, leitmotif, overture


Schubert is an Austrian-born romantic musician. In his life, Schubert was not really successful in order to make a living, he had to rely on the help of many family members. Schubert died early, when he was 31 years old. After Schubert’s death, he was considered one of the most prominent composers of the romantic period, so Schubert was also included in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is known for his gentle, melodious melody. Schubert’s most representative songs are Serenade, Die Forelle, Jonathan Antoine, Ave Maria, Sonata No. 18 in G major,…



• Full name: Franz Peter Schubert

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: 31/01/1797

• Year of death: November 19, 1828

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, lieder, piano, ritual music


Referring to the Top 10 greatest composers of all time, we cannot help but mention Liszt – a famous Hungarian composer and pianist. He is considered the greatest composer and pianist of all time. In the past, Liszt had studied from Czerny – a student of Beethoven, but between Liszt and his teacher, there are many disagreements in music, especially about finger technique when playing piano. Liszt proved himself right when he became a famous all over Europe artist with a glittering career. Liszt’s representative works are the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Consolation, Liebestraume, Un Sospiro …


• Full name: Franz Liszt

• Nationality: Hungarian

• Year of birth: October 20, 1811

• Year of death: July 31, 1886

• Typical music: Piano

Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 2)


Not inferior to Mozart and Beethoven, Bach is considered as “gospel writer” in music. Bach was born into a family with musical traditions and his name is closely related to the Baroque period. Although after that, Bach was once considered outdated and simply composed for musical instruments when the classical music school rose in Europe overwhelmed Baroque, but the admiration of many musical talents. later as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn showed the greatness of Bach. He is also referred to as the William Shakespeare in music, the master of the most famous composers, Beethoven also called him “the father of harmony”.


Typical pieces of Bach music include the Brandeburg Concertos, Mass in Si minor, The Well-Tempered Calvier and cantatas, many chorus, partita, passion, and organ songs.


• Full name: Johann Sebastian Bach

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: March 21, 2016

• Year of death: June 28, 1750

• Typical music: Baroque, harmony, concert, chamber


Haydn is an indispensable name in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. He is considered the “father of symphony”, as well as the teacher of Mozart and Beethoven. Haydn’s parents recognized their son’s talents from a young age and agreed to the request of the headmaster of the Hainburg Conservatory to let his son go there to study and live. At that time, Haydn was only 6 years old and since then Haydn has never been able to live with his parents anymore.


Haydn used to work as a freelance artist and with Haydn, Bach was a great musician who inspired him. Haydn gradually advanced in his career, sponsored by aristocrats and music director for a famous earl. Later, Haydn was honored to be seen as an official member of the wealthy and powerful Esterhaza family, and became a close friend of Princess Maria – wife of Prince Nikolaus. These have helped Haydn’s career flourish throughout Europe. Haydn’s most prominent works include Symphony No. 140, Andante, Die Schopfung, Serenade, Symphony No. 94, Concerto in C major …


• Full name: Franz Joseph Haydn

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: March 31, 1732

• Year of death: 31/05/1809

• Typical music genre: symphony, string quartet, royal music, sonata

Top 10 greatest composers of all time (Part 1)

Music is one of 7th-type of arts and an indispensable part in human life. Before the era of pop music, classical music had flourished and was considered a high-class art form.

This is the time when famous musical geniuses are born, let us watch the Top 10 greatest composers of all time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rated as a “musical prodigy”, the Austrian composer Mozart is the leader in the Top 10 greatest composers of all time. Born into a family to a father who is a small musician, Mozart has been taught to play musical instruments since he was a child and has shown his talent ever since. According to many documents handed down, Mozart composed the first music from the age of five.


Mozart is the most famous composer in the European classical music genre. Mozart’s works are considered to be the culmination of symphonic music, chamber music, opera and piano. Mozart’s typical works such as Turkish March, Requiem, Die Zauberfloete, Don Giovani, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Piano Sonata, Symphony No. 40, Symphony No. 5, … has become immortal melodies.


• Full name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

• Nationality: Austrian

• Year of birth: January 27, 1756

• Year of death: December 5, 1791

• Typical music genre: symphony, chamber, opera, piano


Beethoven is a talented musician not inferior to Mozart. As a post-born, Beethoven soon suffered pressure from Mozart’s huge shadow. As a child, Beethoven’s father expected his son to become a musical prodigy but failed. However, the more he matured, the more Beethoven developed his musical talent. He was enlightened classical music of Mozart but also paved the way for a new school of romantic music that will later flourish in Europe.


According to Beethoven’s biographical records, he became completely deaf at the age of 49, but Beethoven still did not give up on composing music. Legend has it that he used a stick placed on the eardrum so that when playing the instrument, it created vibrations for the eardrum, through which the music could be felt.

During his career, Beethoven has devoted a huge musical treasure, including songs that have become classics. Beethoven’s typical works are Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 9, Allegretto …


• Full name: Ludwig van Beethoven

• Nationality: Germany

• Year of birth: December 17, 1770

• Year of death: March 26, 1827

• Typical music lines: symphony, chamber, sonata, concerto

How did Taylor Swift film a new MV during the Covid-19 pandemic?

To perform “Cardigan”, Taylor Swift must do hair, makeup and video under the supervision of a medical team.

On Instagram, Taylor Swift suddenly announced that it will release a new album on July 24. The singer wrote: “Most of my plans for this summer didn’t happen, but there was one thing I didn’t plan, but it happened. It was the 8th studio album, Folklore. Tonight at midnight, I will release my whole new song”.

taylor swift ra album anh 2

Cardigan is the single that paved the way for the album, and the music video made by the singer during the Covid-19 epidemic is still raging in the US. According to revelations from Taylor Swift, she had a photo shoot to promote the new album, but had to ensure her own safety as well as the crew.

The singer, who was born in 1988, is also the composer and director for MV Cardigan . “I would like to send a million thanks to each crew member, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, producer Jil Hardin, production director Rebecca Skinner, film production Chancler Haynes, David Lebensfeld, Grant Miller and Ethan Tobman”.

During the production process, she made strict requirements. Accordingly, every member was forced to wear a mask and keep a distance during the recording.

“The whole shooting session and the filming were under the supervision of a medical inspector. I also have to do my own hair, makeup and costume choice, ”Taylor Swift shared on her personal page.

The singer confided that she poured all her ideas, dreams, fears and music into the album Folklore. The entire song was recorded during Swift’s isolation with composer Aaron Dessner (co-composed with Swift 11/16 songs), band Bon Iver, William Bowery and singer Jack Antonoff.

taylor swift ra album anh 1

“Last year, I thought I would release this album at the perfect time, but the experience of life reminded me that nothing was guaranteed. From the bottom of my heart, I realized if I did something I loved, just introduce it to the world. Love you so much”, she said.

According to share, because this is the 8th album, she made 8 special CD versions and 8 different versions of plastic discs. Each version has a different image for fans to collect.

Guide you how to choose music when exercising

In general, the type of music you listen to during sports activities reflects your personality, the favor for some of the dominant music genres, the relevance to your physical and environmental activities around you or your training goal.

Below, we will introduce a number of free music listening sites (does not include listening sites on Spotify) for physical activities.


8tracks is too famous for all kinds of music. Just search workout music, add some description of the music genre (Dance, Country, Rock, etc.), 8tracks provides a huge music store.


Full site of music genres, clearly divided by genre, type of physical activity, BPM. Since it is a paid site, if you choose 1 CD, each song you can listen to free sample for a maximum of 1 minute and a half.

The site collects user information, has a large database of music for running, walking and cycling activities. allows you to find music at the speed of movement. It has long and varied playlist, offers a wide variety of music, including classical music.

Minus points: slow loading speed, extracting chunk music clips in a very short distance (if not accessed from Spotify).


The site offers 4 playlists:

+ Fitmixed: 4 albums of popular popular pop songs by singers: Bruno Mars, David Guetta, Beyonce, Rihanna

+ Gymdoll: Mix music of hit songs: Young & Beautiful (Lana Del Rey), Genie in a bottle (Christina Aguilera), Maps (Maroon 5), etc.

+ Ready, set, sweat

+ Last 10 workout mixes: General Playlist

Plus: relatively fast loading speed, auto play playlist. The music is relatively easy to hear, the singer is popular (Avici, Daft Punk, Jason Derulo, etc.). The interface is like Soundcloud and easy to use.

Limitations: the function of selecting a category as a song tag is not convenient. Playlist sort is not reasonable.


The website introduces a lot of DJ mixes of popular and popular songs: Rolling in the deep, many songs of Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc.


The song’s BPM parameters only appear when clicking on each song. Another noteworthy point is that Beatport only has music from Dubstep, Deep House, Techno, Electro, etc. If you are not familiar with it, you can use another website that has more easy-to-listen music.

Run Hundred

The minimalist main interface, Run Hundred is based on the user’s favorite music votes to list the top 10 songs and BPMs of each song. In the website, you can choose by source (Top 40 Radio, College Radio, Clubs/DJs, Workout mixes), genres (country, electronic, hip-hop, pop, rock), over time, and tempo. Find the music you need, you can listen and vote.

The obvious weakness of this page is the very short play sample, the list is quite sparse.

Fit Radio

The interface uses easy-to-see and focus icons. Playlist is divided by music genre, DJ name, sports activity (Zumba, Yoga, running, Chakra, etc.). Playlists decrease with activity level, from energy-intensive activities, to resting and relaxing activities.


A bit more old-fashioned music lovers can refer to the genre of Cowboys, for example, Leonard Bernstein’s Mambo in the West Side Story to get the most out of it, especially the chorus of chattering, the rhythm Stamping with monumental brass trumpet and percussion instruments percussion. Another hint is John Williams’ Flying Theme, written for E.T, The Extra Terrestrial. The song is akin to the Disney cartoon music or Japanese manga films, the melody stretches out with excitement, the cymbal sound adds to the feeling of movement.